7 pictures in Ziana, Solodyn, Aczone. (& OCPs)

Day 17

Light mineral make-up on without concealer. It hardly provides coverage, but makes me feel less "naked." I posted a picture of the rash on my chest. It's not acne. I'm still blaming it on the Solodyn, but it doesn't bother me enough to stop taking it. It's occasionally itchy and improves with hydrocortisone cream. It initially started at my d├ęcolletage, then spread on both sides of my collar bone to my shoulders. I've had the random break-out on my chest-- this is not it. I'm not too worried.

When was your initial break-out after starting a retinoid?

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Ziana, Solodyn, Aczone. (& OCPs)

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This is only 17 days in? I'd say this is awesome effin progress and you should be super happy! Happy for you. As far as an initial breakout... Well everyone's skin is different. You may have noticed a few more pimples or unusual spots, like your cyst but i honestly think youre in the clear of anything major happening. What birth control are you on? Good luck to you and keep on truckin! Hoping for no more breakouts for you :-)

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