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Had a microdermabrasion done today (Groupon 5 for $100!!!). It felt great. Usually it doesn't do much for me, but I enjoy the facial. This groupon package was cut and dry-- microdermabrasion only, which is fine by me. After the procedure, I feel like my skin can actually breath! I'm hoping it helps the retinoid do it's thing a little easier. I was supposed to stop the Ziana a week ago, but used it up until last night because my skin has tolerated it so well (I knew I was taking a risk... but I'm paranoid that if I stop for one day... ish will hit the fan and wreck my face). We just did the fine tip, but will move on to the coarse tip next time. There was a sale's pitch on some $280 "miracle" face wash. I'm staying true to my cheap-O cetaphil and CeraVe regimen. I know that all of these "miracle" products are just money down the drain. Retinoids are proven. I do have some Vitamin C serum and Glycolic gel from Mario Badescu that I bought shortly before I saw the dermatologist. They sit there on my counter tempting me to use them... but I don't want to do anything to mess everything up! The serum says that it should be used overnight, but I'm wondering if I could use it during the day, under my moisturizer and sunscreen.

Still no flakies or irritated skin s/p micro and 2+ weeks of Ziana. Had a new white-head come to the surface on my jawline. It's been 4 days with no picking... but this little guy is testing my patience. *Stay Strong*

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Ziana, Solodyn, Aczone. (& OCPs)

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