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finally clear.

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my cam is such horrible quality but yeah smile.png

all i did was.

buy myself the Acne Free system at walmart. I got the moderate one.

I used the cleanser, and skipped the toner that came in the pack. Instead I put some diluted apple cider vinegar all over my face. And then let it dry. After that I simply put on the BP lotion.

I was not a case of moderate acne either, I had severe large and cystic along my jaw. I've had persistent acne for 5 years. I tried EVERYTHING. When I finally visted a dermatologist , he suggested accutane but I freaked. I never went back and continued to look for alternatives. This is what ultimately worked for me. It has taken 4 months to see results. It's the most amazing feeling to feel my skin and feel smoothness. So amazing. After going to bed in tears from painful cysts I'm honestly very happy and hope that someone else will find this and fill with hope.

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