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My covered face :/

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Are you on any kind of regimen right now? have you ever considered changing your diet and/or lifestyle? What have you tried in the past?

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I wrote this on someone else post, but this might help you out, too.

To make a very long story short my 18yr son has been battling this disease for over five years, and around July 2012 we decided that my he would stop consuming any dairy, and gluten... Also, back then we started NAET treatments, as these are very non-invasive - enery allergy testing and accupuncture. A little like voodoo, I'll admit, but hey! lol

Since last summer his acne, which was out of control and getting worse and worse has gotten at least 75% better. His whole face was covered, there was not a single spot I could put my finger that didn't have a pimple on it. (The summer heat hasn't hit yet, so we will see then, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!).

We are at a point where we aren't sure if it's the treatments, or the fact that he isn't consuming dairy and gluten. He started eating yogurt, and he got new breakouts a week later - coincidence?

Anyways, I know you must be feeling helpless right now, it's exasperating...but it took him 9 months to get to this high point. You will too, you just have to find what works for you. Oh and by the way, we cut out ALL medications, creams, prescriptions, etc... it was just making his skin worse. We just use Adovia dead sea salt soap now, and calamine lotion. He also has body acne, a real bonus!

Check into allergies - dairy - gluten... my two cents! Good luck! I will post pictures of his progress if he lets me. By the way, you are handsome, despit the acne... so is my son, but it's hard for him to believe it sometimes.

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