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How would I rate my face today? 4 stars. 2 enthusiastic thumbs up!

Hello friends :3

I haven't been on here for at least a month or two. Ever since I got my license. Were your holidays good? I hope so.

Recently my skin has been... pretty good. I had a horrible dry spell a couple of days ago with a small nodular breakout around my mouth when I was nearing my period. I think near your mouth and on your forehead is the most painful area to break out. So that was pretty awful and while it dried and went away the dryness made it hard to put on makeup let alone move my face.

Now things are better except I have to stop picking! Honestly my skin has really improved but now that I don't have anything big to focus on I look for the little things and pick! :( I must stop! Luckily so far there isn't a ton of damage but I must be careful!

Have a good day :)

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Slight idea of how to make an album!

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