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The night that broke my confidence

This was a night when a group of guys tried to chat me up and as i wasnt havin any of it, they decided to comment on my suddenly apparent acne. I felt humiliated and this was the night that broke my confidence. This was taken before the comments, i wish i had a pic to show how i felt after.

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Me before acne and now

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Thank you thats really sweet of you. I have makeup on but clearly they could somehow see beneath. It wasnt as bad then.

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I know it's hard to do, but don't let those guys - or anyone like them - get to you. They were obviously insecure about being shot down, and decided to be immature about it and bring your confidence down to their level. Lame, right? You are absolutely beautiful (that's why they were hitting on you!). Don't stop smiling!!!

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wow. you sound really hurt by the comments that were made. what exactly did say? you look glowing in the picture. really glamorous even. I cannot fathom what comment they might have made. I know how it feels when someone does that. It kind of messes up your whole night, and even though you try (pretend) to brush it off, you never quite feel genuinely happy for the rest of the night. sorry to hear that

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