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Cleansed with skinceutical's LHA cleanser this morning (I use it once every 3-4 days) then oil-cleansed with camellia. Sprayed with skinceutical's LHA toner (it stings so I don't use it very often), spot treatment with tea tree oil, PCA rejuvenating serum (love the smell), and PCA skin's hydrator plus spf 30 sunscreen, I think the zinc oxide in it has been helping some.

I hardly ever use products of any kind (besides the sunscreen, which I've been using more consistently), but when I do I like to use lots of them. My mom's an esthetician and has always kept me well stocked with topicals. It hasn't been until recently (moving out of her house, starting this gallery, etc.) that I haven't used them at all to very sparingly (minus days like these...).

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A Holistic Approach (Healing the Body As a Whole)

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