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oh,i know this feeling :D

Lol, before my boyfriend and I were going out, he was really good friends with my brother, and they were hanging out one night, watching movies in my brother's room, so I decided to use my masque, assuming that no one would see me.

After I applied it, I went to the kitchen for a glass of water without realizing that my he had gone to the bathroom, and as I walked back to my room and he walked back to my brother's, we literally ran into each other in the living room.

He saw me with my green face and laughed. I felt like an asshole, and was completely sure that I'd just blown any chance I'd ever have with him.

Four years later, I'm like, "Pfff, so my face is green and funky looking. So what?", and he loves me regardless. We've talked about that little experience since then, and he's assured me that he only laughed because I "looked so adorable".


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Bwahaha! I didn't know this existed or I would've commented sooner. You are THE CUTEST alien I've ever seen. :D

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