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This is what my skin looks like when I'm on the Regimen

Tryin' to show as much as I can of my skin.

People ask me all the time why I'm not more scarred. First, my skin is really resilient. I don't scar easily anywhere on my body. Also, my skin was pretty uneven back in college, but after taking Accutane, the texture of my skin evened out a lot. I remember my skin getting smoother and smoother while I was on Accutane. Exactly how or if Accutane provided this I don't know. Yes, my acne came back after Accutane, but after only a couple of years I was able to clear it up with The Regimen. Thankfully, this period of relapse did not scar me.

Lastly, I am not a picker. I trained myself from a young age to pop zits if I needed to, but then to never pick.

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Me on and off the Regimen

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Dan your skin looks great for a fair skinned guy in his 30's (not that that's old or anything).........

Use sunscreen kids!!!

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can i use oxy 2.5 pb instead of yours for the regimen ???????

no, none, and i emphasize NONE of oxy products worked for me! first of all, they are way too harsh on your skin, thats why i think dans products are the perfect amount of BP! second, i used oxy for years thinking it was the only thing working for my skin, and all and all it was totally damaging it! it made my skin SO dry, and on top of that, all the BP and sailacylic acid i was using from oxy irritated the heck out of my skin, which will only make your acne worse! i HIGHLY reccomend using dans products! they are perfect! ;-) just remember to use a good moisturizer depending on your skin type, and make sure its gentle enough! good luck! :D

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You have great skin, even when the acne makes an appearance :) Nice to see that BP use doesn't have to means accelerated skin ageing, too. You look much younger than your age.

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dan when did you take accutane and why? i thought the regimen cleared you?

I took it in college because my skin was "at that level" where they just look at you and prescribe Accutane. My acne came back after Accutane, but not to such a severe degree. After a couple of years I figured out my regimen and have stayed clear since.

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What would you recommend for sunscreen while using the regimen?? Also, is it true using Bp can bring the wrinkles!??? O_O  lastly,  is it normal to get red dry patches on some areas of my skin?? It's my second week and I'm just worried that's not normal...

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