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Me on my first week of Accutane

I'm 22, and have had explosive acne over the past 4 months...6 months ago my face was almost spotless...a few minor pimples once in a while..but nothing that amounted to acne...especially not cystic acne. This is liberating to me to post myself on this site...I've found acne humiliating and shameful over the past few months, especially since I can't wear makeup =] But now I'm digging deep inside myself for confidence and self esteem...which I never believed I had problems with before. So I'm open here to any suggestions and comments or questions..I'll post new pictures of my face each week while going through the accutane treatments..I hope it works :)

Side note: when I was 16 I took accutane before for regular white head pimple acne...nothing that amounted to the severity of what I have now...up till now I have only had minors pimples once in a while. I wonder what brought this on again, with this much fury.

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You are a beautiful girl so don't let that acne get you down! You'll win! I had a very similar situation. I was completely clear with the exception of any occasional people up until about 3 months ago. And then out of know where my skin lost it! It broke out so bad. I am finally starting to clear up after about 3 weeks on the DK regimen, but it's been tough emotionally! All that to say...just hang in there! You are beautiful and I know that soon you will be back to your old self! Your acne doesn't look very deep so hopefully accutane will clear it up quickly! Good luck!

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You are seriously pretty and im not just saying that. i have problems with my self esteem to and it sucks that im the ONLY one in my family that has to deal with this (I envy my big sister) but dont let it get you down i just decided one day that i couldnt keep up with everyone that is obsessed with beauty in this world its just to hard to be that shiny barbie doll everyone expects you to be so dont give up hope, your strong and youll pull through. :D

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Hi Tara

Our situation in very similar. I'm 21 years old and although I've had minor issues with my skin before, I've also recently experienced a sudden onset of acne over the period of 3-4 months. It has consequently damaged my confidence and self esteem to the point where I am not leaving the house, which is so unlike me considering the extremely happy and sociable person I was before.

I will be interested to follow your progress especially as your skin looks very similar to mine. I have high hopes for Roaccutane. No drastic improvements yet (day 24).

GOOD LUCK with your treatment, I'm sure it won't be long before your glowing again like in your other pictures! I can't wait to be free from this nightmare!


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