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Sunday Jan 7, 2007

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So a few things have been on my mind.

At this moment I'm thinking about my acne history and can see the path I've taken.

The small pimples that I got in high school have led me to an ongoing cycle of despair:

1. Get a pimple

2. Start washing face with harsh cleaners

3. break out, go to doctor

4. see derm who prescribes antibiotics

5. become clearer for a bit

6. body goes out of wack (antibiotics kill good bacteria in the digestive system)

7. yeast grows rapid in body, causing poor digestion, rashes, toxicity >>> resulting in more acne


I figure that 10 - 25 min with a derm or doctor and a prescription drug is not doing it for me. Since I personally suffer the consequences, It's on me to figure this out.

Well, I am going to end this NOW. I've concluded that after taking antibiotics for about 8+ years I have several conditions including Candidiasis (condition with yeast overgrowth). I have many of the symptoms... lots of rashes and fungal infections that I blamed on hockey. This would explain why I have a hard time with alcohol, refined sugar and dairy products. However, this is my own conclusion and has no verification.

So, I'm on a yeast cleanse called CandiGone from Renew Life. I've been on it since Jan 1st... I've broken out a bit. I was breaking out before this and I blame it on alcohol and poor diet during the holiday >>> NO more refined sugars and alcohol for me!

Anyhow, I am/plan on:

- doing a few liver, kidney and colon cleanses

- making sure my body gets healthy fats, quality foods, and good protein.

- balancing my digestive health with vitamins, probiotics, EFAs, enzymes.

I will keep you all posted as I have the past little while. This is my own documentary in real time.

Please follow my journey by reviewing my past pics and writings.

Don’t forget to read all the comments too.

Carpie Diem.


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I think it's a good idea to try something else. If something is not working, then it's no good enough. Try somethign difernet, break the cycle. I broke my cycle this year from the harsh products. Im doing well :(

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Good luck to you with your diet! I was really concerned I had candida once, sometimes I still think I do but I just can't follow a diet and i'm clear now due to accutane so I don't think it matters anymore.

Your skin looks great right now though still.

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thats so great! I told my family that i have broken out really bad, but I am not taking the antibiotics because of the unhealthy side affects, and all they had to say was, "well your uncle and cousin have been taking them for years, they are healthy. you should get back on them." but I don't want to have to find out years from now that they contributed to some kind of cancer or some new disease. Its much better to go with a healthier life style. at least that can only have good side affects!

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