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2 January 2007 (Right Side View)


Well I have made it into the New Year without having another cigarette. So its two weeks and only one smoke on day seven so im still doing well and the desire for a smoke is getting less and less. I have had a strange week with my skin this week, but I got really sick on New Years Eve with a tummy bug so I dont think it helped with my immune system. While I can say my skin is looking clearer but I still have 20 spots in the second week which is still a lot down from 47. I have had a couple of new ones but others have dissapeared so my pimple count has stayed at 20 so still going well into week two. I found my diary from the only other time I tried this and while I was reading it I was interested to see that not much happened last time in week two either, the first week my spots dissapeared drastically then the second week they hung around and in the third week they drastically dissapeared again, I had six spots by week three in my diary from last time I tried this, so lets hope by next week I only have that many, fingers crossed, this will mean I have 14 spots to come off this week. Will keep you updated thoroughout the week on my daily pimple counting sheet!! Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. Best wishes for the New Year.

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hey carla.... u were right i smoked for almost 7 years and started when i was 15 when i began developing pimples on my forehead which then turned out to be full flecthed acne by 16, which i would say was cystic n left a lot of pitted scars.... after i read ur post i decied i would follow ur exampla and stopped cold turkey when i turned 22 on febuary 15th.2006 n now as i approach almost 1 year of a smoke free n very very healthy life i must say i have no more acne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :D ifi knew smoking was the trigger i would of never started bc i t made me lose my whole life in HS n half in college n now im auditioning as a model... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE people science has smoking alll wrong maybe it does not trigger acne but it affetcs other systems in ur body which can eliminate or trigger acne.... SMOKING IS NO COOOL!!!

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