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20 December 2006 (Right Side View) 47 Pimples

I will be back in one week to show you pictures after one week what the outcome is, but every day I will write here to let you know how many sports I have.

Day 1 - 20 December (47 pimples)

Day 2 - 21 December (47 pimples)

Day 3 - 22 December (47 pimples)

Day 4 - 23 December (38 pimples)

Day 5 - 24 December (35 pimples)

Day 6 - 25 December (32 pimples)

Day 7 - 26 December (32 pimples)

Day 8 - 27 December (32 pimples)

Day 9 - 28 December (28 pimples)

Day 10 - 29 December (23 Pimples)

Day 11 - 30 December (23 Pimples)

Day 12 - 31 December (21 Pimples)

Day 13 - 1 January (20 Pimples)

Day 14 - 2 January (20 Pimples)

Day 15 -

Day 16 -

Day 17 -

Day 18 -

Day 19 -

Day 20 -

Day 21 -

Ok ill be back tomorrow night to upload some more photos of my skin after one week as you can read I am already less around 15 spots in just one week. My skin is looking soooo much better all the scabs have dissapeared now its just red marks that I am waiting for to start faiding. See ya back here tomorrow!!

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Acne and Smoking

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Thanks so much for sharing your story and experience with us. I can relate to a lot of what you've gone through as far as trying different treatments and the emotions, although I don't smoke. One thing I'd suggest is taking pictures without flash so that we can get a better sense of how your skin is improving. Keep up the awesome work!

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For sure Remember4 I will be uploading photos tonight so I will take off the flash and see if they come out better, I was thinking that they didnt show how it was actually looking very well but I will try and fix it tonight. Thanks for the advice.

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