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After 2 months of Minocin and Topical Clindamycin

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here I had started using some antibiotic treatments.

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My Dabbles againsts acne!

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Man stop taking antis, there's greater chance it will go back..

Also, I'm never happy when I have to mention this, but of all the oral treatments out there an antibiotic is the last treatment that will ever permanently cure you of acne. In fact, most oral treatments aren't permanent as you must take them for the rest of life (or while you have acne), but with an antibiotic you are fighting a downhill battle. All drugs have side effects, but antibiotics will weaken your immune system to some extent over time, make your body (it's bacteria) resistant to antibiotics (incl. the one you are currently taking), increase your chance of getting systemic yeast (candida), and increase your chance of getting leaky gut syndrome (which can cause food intolerances & sensitivies) and digestive disorders. Of all treatments to take for the rest of your acneic life, you're better off, if you can't do it through diet & cleansings, taking supplements or if need be Sprionolactone or ...even a course of accutane. Not to mention, once you stop, as was mentioned earlier your acne will come back, but with some antibiotics your acne can come back worse and in new areas...once your skin has been senzitized to that new area, you may continue to breakout in those new areas years after stopping antibiotics.

I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm down on this form of oral treatment, but of all them, I think that it really messes with you and lures you into a false sense of hope and security, and how many acne sufferers need more false security. At least with accutane, some people (those that eventually had up to 5 courses) get at least 6 months - 6 years of "security" before some of their acne returns. With antibiotics, the acne comes back almost instantaneously =(


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you are extremely handsome. i don't have much advice for your face, but i can tell you its not much to worry about when your as good looking as you are. :D

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