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So I havent posted updates in a while. I had a really bad past 2 weeks. Here's the rundown:

1) working on getting over my ex-bf

2) ate some breakout foods

3) PMSing

4) finals

5) getting ready to go home after 5 months in Argentina

The moral of the story is that I broke out badly and was too discouraged to put up pictures, I had to wait until I felt and looked better.

Anyway, I am GOOD TO GO from now on! I have a daily chart where I keep track of what I eat, how much I sleep and exercise, my topical treatments, my mood, etc. It also keeps track of my menstrual cycle, so I can *hopefully* identify how diet, lifestyle, and hormonal factors influence my acne. I'm feeling really hopeful.

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sorry to hear about your bad last weeks :D looking good though!!! its really much much better since the first pic! keep up the good work! i have also changed alot in my diet so i hope i will see results also. are you sad youre going home? i spent almost 6months in egypt and i cried so much when i left!! will go back and visit this fall and i hope i will look gooooood until then :D

take care!! love from sweden

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by the way... which are your trigger foods?? i try to backtrack to find out mine but i havent yet... i think cheese is one though. thanx

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katie your skin is still definately improving hun :|

and you look so pretty in the bottom most recent pic

love how positive you are too

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