Scar improvment

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Scar improvment

Here is my cheek after my 1st Smoothbeam/V-beam laser treatment. You can compare it to the photo that shows my acne scaring along with my before photos.


P.S. Some about my experience

The Smoothbeam treatment does hurt since they can only numb the very upper layer of the epidermis and the laser goes much deeper than that. (It feels like someone smacking you with a rubber band...however it does go fast...about 20 minutes.) My operator gave me a break whenever I wanted one (in other words she would do 5, 6 pulses and stop for a minute and then continue). I also got the V-beam along with the Smoothbeam. V-beam does not hurt at all but it does make the skin redder for a short while (this subsided for me within 3 hours after treatment). The V-beam can make your skin feel like it has a light sunburn (this feeling subsided for me within an hour). I am very thankful for the laser treatments since they are finally making my dream of clear skin a reality.

Before starting my laser treatments I did use oral Erythrocin (250MG for about 3 weeks) along with topical Erythromycin (2%) to get the inflammation down. I stopped the use of these once I started my laser treatments.

I have also been doing a medical facial (with extractions) 3 days before my laser treatments (I get these at my operator’s office). This cleans out my pores and allows the laser to penetrate deeper.

I don't know how far away you are from Brookfield, WI but I would be happy to give you the name and number of where I am getting my treatments.

If you do decide to give laser a shot keep in mind that it is operator dependent and PLEASE research some about your operator. (My operator, Gail, has been in the field of plastic surgery/lasers for many many years and has never given anyone a blister of any sort...that is why I felt very safe going to her.) Also remember to always wear a SPF of at least 30 throughout the course of your treatments and also 6-12 month after your last treatment so you do not run a risk of hyperpigmentation. You must NOT tan (no tanning before your treatments, during or 12 months after) and you must have been off Accutane for at least 1 year prior to starting any kind of laser treatments.

I have followed all of these instructions and have had great results as you can see. If you do not plan on keeping to the instructions you can be assured that you will have weird things happen during or after your treatments.

If you have any other questions feel free to e-mail me (wisconsin_violet@yahoo). I am just so happy to finally have clear skin after battling cystic acne for 4 years and I can't stop talking about

Sincerely, Kate

P.S. My first treatment consisted of 215 pulses of V-beam + 325 pulses of Smoothbeam. My second treatment consisted of 451 pulses of V-beam + 364 pulses of Smoothbeam. My third treatment consisted of 460 pulses of V-beam + 527 pulses of Smoothbeam. It really does not matter how many pulses you get (since everyone has a different size/shape face) but it does matter that they are sure to cover every inch of your face with at least one pulse (and that they go over problem areas a second time).

P.P.S I went to a plastic surgeon for my laser treatments (I gave up on dermatologists). Many plastic surgeons offer free consultations. I would recommend visiting quite a few before deciding who you are going to go with. Just do your homework before jumping into anything and don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions.

P.P.P.S I am paying $400 a treatment (this includes the Smoothbeam and she is also throwing in Vbeam for me). I am also doing their medical facials ($50) (which I am in love with) before every laser treatment (they have had wonderful results doing this…and I can defiantly see why).

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I'm doin SB right now and I'm 2 weeks after my 3rd treatment out of 4. When you did SB, was your skin really oily during the months of the treatment? It has seemed to make my skin on my face SUPER oily, more oily then before. Did it subside for you?


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