13 pictures in adult acne, blech!!!

Snapped this picture last night, 3-31-06...Mineral Makeup

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My best mineral make-up application to date...I'm still experimenting and practicing every day. It has taken weeks to figure it out!

*edit* I look back on this pic and I'm looking ghostly, or corpse like!! Yikes, I swear its an effect of the flash. Still may need to tweak my foundation color a bit, though... It didn't look quite so unnatural in person. One of these days I want to do a before/after makeup shot outside.

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adult acne, blech!!!

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I like your hair! Your makeup looks great. What brand are you using? Nice progress.

Hi! Thanks! I swear it looks more cakey and shiny in the picture than in person. Its Pure Luxe...I have a log going in the Personal Regimen log section with more info, and there's a link in my sig.

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You look great Pam!! I know what you mean about the makeup looking different in person. What's up with that?

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I agree that the makeup looks too light in this photo. Maybe the lipstick is too dark and that makes the skin look whiter? I guess it depends what kind of a look you are going for :D But the copper lip color with the (gorgeous) coppery hair is a bit much...in my opinion. Perhaps a peach color would look more natural.

But, gosh, your skin is looking amazing!!!!

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