Sophia k

Hello everyone. I’ve decided to join this forum so I can talk to people that will understand what I’m going through. I’m loosing hope and I was hoping someone could give me some comforting advice . I’ve been struggling for acne for years and this year is far by the worse with the past 2 years of it happening .  My face has changed completely and the scarring and hyperpigmentation has increased . It has spread to my side burns and neck . With the the chin and cheek areas the most affected . The lesions are very deep and painful and take weeks to go down sometimes it won’t go down at all. I was diagnosed with PCOS once when I was 20 when I missed my period for the first time for a month .  They gave me birth control only for one month and the cyst went away . At that time I had gained weight and broke out with cysts on my cheek.  They went away and everything went normal . Sadly that same year I got an abortion .  Ever since it’s been on and off for me . With ovarian cysts and acne coming and going . There were times where I would be clear for a months on end and then back to the same story . I’ve tried many topical antibiotics and tretinoin cream numerous times . I’ve tried chemical peels and many washes such as salicyic acid and peroxide washes .  Birth control had further worsene the acne . I’ve also tried spirinolactone for 2 months when I’ve finally had enough . And put down all the medicine . 

Aside from over the counter and prescribed medications I’ve also tried countless natural remedies such as tumeric masks , aspirin masks , teas and herbs and vitamins. I’ve also tried saw pimento berries and bitters detox which i didn’t stick with for long because the taste is horrid. 

Dietary changes have been applied as well . Eliminating all dairy , sugars  and grains . Even going vegan for months .

I also have currently quit cosmetics as this is only masking my problem and making me more stressed .

im reaching out because it’s a point where I’m at a loss . My social life has changed . I Never go out and I haven’t dated in a while . I’m usually always alone . I know it’s very silly but it’s actally ruining my life and further destroying my skin . When it becomes a mental issue I feel like things should be addressed .