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I've been struggling with acne up and down since I was 12-13. I'm now 27. I was put on diane 35 at the age of 14- followed by accutane at 15, and at 19, then again at 23. Accutane for me took high doses and at least 8-9 months to clear- but made my skin like porcelain.

Unfortunately, it always comes back 6-8 months after I stop taking it.

Birth control makes my skin break out like crazy- I will never go on birth control.

From 2009-2011 my skin was pretty much ok-- however in 2011 I contracted a parasite (did not figure this out for a long time)

In December 2011 my skin flared - went crazy- always on the cheeks and jaw line.

I was also diagnosed with PCOS at the same time (not sure which came first).

In August 2012 I started going to a naturopath- got tested for food sensitivities and came up very high for gluten and eggs. I have since eliminated both and go back and forth on dairy because I now its inflammatory. I also eliminated sugar for long periods - longest three months. At the moment - I've decided to cut out all three (dairy, eggs, gluten, and very low-no sugar).

Overall, its depressing. I fear another flare up. It all seems like a gigantic mystery, an unsolvable life long riddle.
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