Epiduo & Minocycline

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Start Date 4.10.13
I have used Dan's regimen with success before, however it doesnt seem to be working like it used to and it's very time consuming and quite annoying. Epiduo is a topical with .1% adapalene(for opening pores, whiteheads, blackheads) and 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide(bacteria killer!). Minocycline is an antibiotic commonly used for the treatment of acne & inflammation. My derm said many people will become resistant to it, just like I became resistant to doxycycline, but she put me on it to help get things going and I'm sure it will help since Ive had great results on doxy, but the goal is to get off the mino and take care of acne with just topical treatments. So huuuurr it goezzz
You will notice I am wearing light foundation in some photos, but I found that that kind of makes my whiteheads or little pimples stick out more along with the sunlight. The other photos I'm not wearing makeup so you can see my big, red ones and the scars theyve left behind. My acne has definitely been worse (I had HUGE pimples on insides of cheeks and chin before taking doxycycline and BP treatments three years back), but it seems as acne has come back a little, it's also changed with age. I'm positive that the big ones would come back if I didnt use any BP. But Ive developed these whiteheads everywhere that wont go away. Epiduo is supposed to help with that since adapalene is a retinoid.


Gently wash with Johnson's Baby Wash or Purpose Wash
Moisturize with Cetaphil and 3-4 drops of jojoba oil mixed in
Apply sunscreen if I'll be outside
Go on to makeup application ( Bare Minerals! )

Wash with Johnson's Baby Wash or Purpose
Moisturize with Cetaphil & jojoba oil mix
wait 20 minutes
Apply pea size amount of Epiduo
If feel like I'll be flaky, I'll load on some more Cetaphil at night and let it absorb as I sleep.
***MY DERMATOLOGIST reccomended moisturizing before applying the epiduo because I have extremely flaky skin when using BP or any prescribed retinoids. Maybe it will work, maybe it wont, I'll keep you guys updated. Alright! So huuur goezzzz :)

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