Need to get rid of this PMS acne or whatever it is

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I do everything to try and be healthy and do lots of research on acne and why I may still be getting it. I've been vegan/vegetarian/fruitarian now for 5 years or so but I learned to avoid just about all grains(refined/whole except psyllium husk fiber),Nuts, Fats(occasional avocado slices/flaxseed powder),Most soy products, and anything sugary/salty/fried/cooked. So all I try to basically eat is low sugar fruits and salads(vegetable juices/smoothies homemade) with occasional vegan protein powder(rice based lately). On top of that I exercise plenty several times a day and sweat alot(but wash off), oh and avoid sunlight always(covering up my face with parasol/face visor). But yet lately around the time that I might get my period I always get some acne. I don't think its my make up(bare minerals) since I used it for some time with long time of not getting any acne for it specifically(and I wash the brush often). I also sleep enough, keep stress to minimum and drink only water or tea.
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