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So yeah as you can see I posted a far distance picture up; I'm kind of new to all this scarring stuff so it'll be hard for me to take pictures up close and look at them. I'm only 18 years old....When I look far away from the mirror I feel a little better cause I see a kid who just doesn't give a crap about the world....just wonders about his own business and doesn't stress out much....but when I look up close it hurts a lot; emotionally. It might sound a little fruity coming from a guy, but the only thing I wanted was to win this girl over....In High school I like this girl; she did also....but she wanted me to quite smoking and drinking & slacking off for my own good....I didn't take it as the wrong way; I took it as a challenge to win her i stopped smoking & a 1550 on SAT and got into NJIT a really good college....right after I understood the meaning of growing up & taking care of myself I got these the grades have been dropping at college....I can't attend any family parties....I rarely go out with friends & I ignore the girl every time she talks to me online; because she's still a senior and I'm a freshmen in college & hasn't seen me in a while.. and she doesn't know about the scars that I I ignore her...I'm turning into someone I'm not( more rude,angry,unhelpful,and unsocial)....It might sound weird & impossible, but I would just like to meet god one day & ask him what I did to deserve this....No I'm not one of those emo people....There's a big difference in being EMO and emotional....EMO is the word people use for people who do weird things to themselves like cutting themselves for various reasons....I'm emotional as in lets put it another way of saying I'm a little softy; yes a guy who's soft on the inside...It's hard for me to see others in trouble, so just imagine having to see myself in trouble is very hurting....The last thing I would like to say is that I love what you ppl have done with this website....every time a feel down about my scars I log on here and look at some pics to make me realize I'm not the only one....Oh yeah and the dog I just got a few months ago to help me out with this struggle....So yeah I'm still fighting & I ain't going to stop....:)
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