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  2. Forever oily!! HELP

    I am in the same boat. However, when I took accutane (40mg/day), my oily skin was reduced by more than 50% by week two. It of course returned within a week or so after I was done with my accutaune course. As of this time, there is nothing that has worked for me except accutane. I am like you. I tried various supplements and experienced no luck. I am, however, trying grape seed oil and sea buck thorn oil as moisturizers and so far my oil levels have not decreased significantly (or at all), but one effect is that I do not get zits anymore and my skin is soft as ever. That being said, there are a couple drugs in the works to combat oily skin. They are in the 3rd phase of clincals. The name of the drugs are DRM01 and SB204. They look promising so far with little to no side effects. These drugs specifcally target the oil glands (like accutane) but w/ less severe side effects. The drugs are still 1+ year away from being available to the general public, though. In the mean time, I use BHA, oily absorbing sheets, and other products designed for individuals afflicted with oily skin. They are band-aids until the aforementioned drugs are available.
  3. Life after accutane a log for me!

    back again going to go back to epiduo as a spot treatment seems to work well in the past. routine same as always am cetaphil wash cetaphil lotion pm cetaphil wasj cetaphil lotion epiduo on inner left check area and any where active
  4. I used to have the same issue - dead skin cells sitting on my face (it is now limited only to my noise area b/c of an oily t-zone). I simply started exfoliating. Because I have oily skin, I have to exfoliate more often than dry or combo skin individuals. You can use either AHA, BHA (what I use b/c its better for oily skin), and a bit of manual exfoliation. In addition, I also use the oil cleansing method using jojoba oil before I shower at night. I mostly do this because I use sunscreen every single day and a cleanser alone is not sufficient to remove the sunscreen.
  5. Anyone ever try this? I've tried literally 8 different moisturizers after starting the regimen again and no luck. I break out, my skin is greasy as ever, or my face gets all red, none of them ever work. I've been doing the wash, bp, and aha once a day as a moisturizer. Any thoughts on this? I think I'm going through an initial breakout and my skin is a bit red due to bp and aha ofcourse and I just started up again so I'm expecting that. but it seems to be working. I just hate the flakes, AHA over some time seems to be the taking care of it.
  6. AHA on sensitive skin

    I have that issue as well..the right side of my cheek is more sensitive than the left one..i just stick with very mild products that wont further irritate the skin
  7. Pores

    I also have pores on my cheeks, and I use fullers earth 2-3 times a week and follow up with simple rosewater as toner,,that has definitely helped with the pores, there is no harm in trying this and if things don't get better after can try posting it to reddit on a subreddit named skincareaddiction..I have seen A LOT of posts with the same issue, so you will definitely get some good advice there
  8. Not for me, not at all. If it is extremely severe acne then maybe slightly, but for me I understand the struggles so absolutely not. It's personality and decency/self respect that I'm attracted to just tbh
  9. Dark spots

    Use something with ingredients like kojic acid, liquorice extract..these are not harsh and are very effective
  10. I would get those sometimes when I used too many different products on my face or had an allergic reaction to something I was using. It's possible that something you are using now is causing them or they may just be part of your skin issue, we all have different things. Honestly though you can only see them when you are a foot from your face, I would just focus on keeping your face clear of regular pimples/cysts and maybe they will eventually go way
  11. Today
  12. Here's my personal experience with this, Minnie90. This is not hyperpigmentation nor the regular kind of scarring9 you get from a cut or deep acne lesion. This is called follicular macular atrophy or peri-focular elastocis. It is associated with another yet similar skin disorder called anetoderma or another skin condition called dermal elastocis. This happens because there is loss of elasticity around the hair follicule resulting in a raised white bump. Sometimes you can see hairs coming out of these spots because the hair follicule is not damaged. A lot of them have a tiny hole in the center which is essentially a undamaged skin pore but no hair comes out. The follicule is therefore not repaired. There's not much information about this condition online. Some sites say they disappear over time as the body tries to repair the elastic fibers while other sites say they last forever. I am sure more information is to be found in many medical books or scientific papers published in journals. I happen to have this condition. I probably have 1000 + of these white bumps covering my shoulders, upper arms, shoulder blades, upper back, buttocks, jawline, thighs and my right side of my lower back. A lot of them are not white but yellow in color. They are not always evident. Angled lighting makes them extremely noticeable however. I must say I am in a constant battle with body acne for 20 years. The acne has significantly subsidied over the years. Unfortunately, this is what is left behind from all those years of cysts and boils. I always thought of them as hypertrophic scarring which is the end result of a deep healed cut. I have many of these from accidents which are raised, white and within the site of the original injury. I tend to scar in this manner after a deep cut or scrape. It seems however these little white bumps have nothing to do with hypertrophic scarring. Furthermore, some sites say they are aborted whiteheads. Seems to me that the skin gets stretched to the point that it damages it's elastic properties and the skin remains raised. In that sense, we can think of them as mini-stretchmarks. Some sites say that over time the skin regains it's elastic abilities and the spots vanish. I do not know whether these spots are actually scar tissue or not. I also believe that the dermis in itself is not damaged because hair and pores can be seen in the centers of the spots. My personal experience with these is that I had them since my early teenage years. It could be my imagination or simply a lack of memory but over the years, it seems to me that some have vanished. Some have flattened but remain white or yellowish while other spots have not changed. I also have many recent ones because I kept getting body acne for the last 20 years. Keep in mind also that I can only look at my back through mirrors. With the redness and pimples gone, there is obvious skin improvement so I could of mistaken healed past whiteheads or pimples for these bumps. Therefore, these bumps may have never changed over time. My right side of my body has more of them than my left side. The middle right side of back is extremely scarred by these. My back acne was particularly more severe on my right side. It was the opposite for my face. I never tried to treat these scars. I only tried to get rid of the acne. I saw a few dermatologists who told me they can't fix it and it's acne scarring. I listened to the words of my parents who didn't want me to go on Accutane and they claimed the acne and scarring will go away. Well, 20 years have passed and my scars are still there and I still brake out. Bottom line is that once acne becomes severe, be prepared to be scarred for life. I heard horror stories of Accutane so I can't praise this drug as a miracle cure neither. If I have taken it maybe I wouldn't be stuck with so much scarring but might of had far worse health conditions. Let's just say that acne hurts more emotionally than physically and it leaves you with disgusting scars to remind you that you are powerless to its power. I don't think laser resurfacing will help. That's essentially creating a bigger scar to camouflage the smaller ones so everything looks more even. I believe freezing them and scrapping them off might help. UV lighting might burn them off. I have been sunburned in the past where I had millions of these bumps and none can be seen today. The ones that tend to linger around have significantly been reduced because of the skin flaking. Once again, this could be my imagination too. Getting tanned in that essence may be helpful because It seems to me my upper arms have less of them today as well as my upper back. Now, I am not telling you to go out there and burn yourself under the sun. I'm just sharing my experience. I'm self conscious of them and rarely take off my shirt. I can only hope that some scientist finds some potion to scrub on these bumps so they can vanish overnight.

    Hi The same thing happened to me. I finally decided to ask for antibiotics for my mild acne and was put on Oxytetracycline. It worked wonders for 6 months and although I wasn't 100% clear my skin was so much better. However, around month 6 I broke out and continued to do so and my acne was the worst it had ever been. I was switched to Lymacycline but all that did was sort of calm the acne so I finally agreed to Roaccutane. I'm now half way through month 5, completely clear and have never regretted it. I had a small initial breakout, mainly on my neck, but nothing like what happened whilst on the antibiotics.
  14. Scarless Healing

    Wow... We're talking about the potential near future for scarless healing and you reference me to present time scarring? You're not even on the same topic. Nobody here is talking about present time injury because it's irrelevant to the thread's subject, cause, and is considered off topic. People who discover new things and help the world progress and advance don't settle for conformity. I don't understand what you're doing here if you think dermal damage is permanent. That means you obviously don't believe in this tech. It looks Iike you're just here to argue for reasons unknown. So what do you believe can potentially branch out to scarless healing since this is what this thread is about? If the answer is nothing and dermal damage will always be permanent to you, then you're on the wrong thread my friend. There is always the belief that it's impossible, but that'd have to be for another thread that shares your beliefs.
  15. What is the best between TCA and micro needling ?

    Ok thank you... I suggest the follow knowing your a student, and you do not have alot of money for treatment... 1) Subcision, find a doctor to do subcision on the depressions and inject saline after. As you cannot afford filler do vacuum pumping for 3 weeks after you heal up after the subcision. Keep things from re-tethering. You will need several subcisions but start with one, save up a little and get it done, then do other things till you can do it again. 2) Keep doing your microneedling / dermastamping to the scarred spots. 3) One any icepicks do tca cross (use a toothpick), learn how to do this on the faq- top of the acne scar sub and goto tca, click the link all things acid peels. It will take several of them. 4) Once your skin is more level from subcisions, I want you to do spot tca peels on the cheek areas (scars) for the texture. If you do this too soon ... it will do very little as you have not raised the scars through subcision yet. Learn how to TCA peel again in the faq. IT will take several. Scar treatment is never one and done. Often people treat over 3 years and get small improvements with each thing they do. Depends on your down time and $$$. Finally as I put in another post of yours, TCA can be done in dark skin types, you must do retin a cream aka tretinorin and hydroquinone a few weeks before treating and a few weeks after you heal to avoid hyperpigmentation. Some men put concealer medical makeup over the redness as they heal so it's not as noticeable.
  16. Is There any persone using dermaroller/dermastamp ?

    TCA is even used on African Americans and Indians, if they do retin a and hydroquinone for a few weeks before their procedure and a few weeks after they heal. They must use weaker percentages. Please read the faq - top post of the acne scar sub and goto tca peels, click the link all things tca peels. Yes TCA is sold on Amazon. No you cannot do subcision on your own unless you want to seriously hurt yourself. It's not some little microneedle. Remicade was a special circumstance, I can't explain it, but I don't need to. Most people will not have that response, and I have many questions about what he/she did to get improvement because it makes no since. Everything we suggest works, I don't want you wasting time or money. Secondly I have done all these procedures on others, and myself. They have been successful by thousands here and through data. Microneedle is great, but is a very weak treatment for acne scars without other treatments. Especially if you have "holes in your skin."
  17. What is the best between TCA and micro needling ?

    I have scar like this and my skin color is like that
  18. Dermastamp or Laser CO2

    Subcision as I have tried to tell you before is for."I have hole in my skin. " Suction pump" is only after subcision, and for nothing else. Please post with a picture of your scarring so we do not have to guess on treatments for you. You have made several posts with guesses which do not help us assess a closeup of your scar type and offer a solution. If you do not wish to do that find a picture online that is close to your scar type and post it for advice or private message me and I will help you. Thanks, BA
  19. Will subcision work on these scars?

    Yes you are right... It's natural in our body, it's a filler. The kind people get to volumize. It will act as a spacer when the doctor breaks the tethers so things do not tether again. Yes it's temporary but alows your body to replace the area without re-attachment of fiberous anchors. In your case it will also bring up the level of the depression of the skin. Many of us use it if we have more than a pencil sized eraser depression acne scars. That's great as Obi Wan said you can do saline during your first few if you wish and then later on do the filler towards the end. IT will last 6 months to a year, ... make sure the swelling is down before doing filler, saline its ok to do right away as the body reabsorbs it quickly. Once you fill you wait for your next subcision till the filler goes away.
  20. Will subcision work on these scars?

    Does HA stand for hyaluronic acid? What exactly does it do? I've found a doctor who can do nokor subcision at a reasonable price so I'll probably be looking at 3-4 subcision treatments spaced over a few months. Thanks
  21. What is the best between TCA and micro needling ?

    Please post with a picture of your scarring so we do not have to guess on treatments for you. You have made several posts with guesses which do not help us assess a closeup of your scar type and offer a solution. If you do not wish to do that find a picture online that is close to your scar type and post it for advice or private message me and I will help you. @Frenchscar all of this has been put in the FAQ, first post in the acne scar sub, please go there and learn more about what your asking. Goto the TCA section bottom of the faq and it tells you how to do it / safety. We can not advise you because we do not know your scar type, your ethnicity, your skin type, how you heal, sensitivity, etc... Typically one can do a treatment every other month, some need more time in between or do not have the down time, scar work takes about 3 years, as you cannot do some treatments because of your situation it will take longer. You get a percentage of improvement with each treatment. Of course there is risk with TCA, its acid, please read the FAQ, it's all in there. IF you afraid of burning yourself go get it done by a DR or med spa. Microneedling again will do nothing for you. It must be combined with other modalities or used as upkeep once you do other treatments to baseline your skin. Thanks, BA
  22. What do you think about massaging scar to break them ?

    Massage does nothing for scars. Notice even after medical procedures they don't say go around massaging your scars. Fibrosis does not magically go away once the bad skin is laid down. Please post with a picture of your scarring so we do not have to guess on treatments for you. You have made several posts with guesses which do not help us assess a closeup of your scar type and offer a solution. If you do not wish to do that find a picture online that is close to your scar type and post it for advice or private message me and I will help you. Thanks, BA
  23. Scarless Healing

    It's doubtful unless they have something to add that is different. SkinTe will have a patent.
  24. So for you is not a good idea to massaging the skin ?
  25. Try at your own risk,regardless your gonna irritate your skin.bacteria,skin trauma and who knows what else,maybe bleeding? wouldnt encourage it myself.
  26. It seems that you have raised skin bumps that are very common and in most cases they are harmless. They can result from a number of conditions that include an infection, an allergic reaction, a skin disorder or skin cancer. There are different types of skin bumps and mostly don’t need treatment. However, you should speak to your dermatologist if your bumps are causing discomfort. You should also call your doctor if you’re concerned about any changes in your bumps or in the overall condition of your skin.
  27. eyes.....

    I know this isn't acne related, but I just stumbled across your post and want to say I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with your cat!! I know the feeling of having to make that kind of appointment Anyway just want you to know you're not alone and you seem like a caring owner to Yoko! My two dogs passed away last week and it's been hard/lonely, so I hope you're doing ok.... xx
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