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  2. Don't forget isotretinonin is a Chemotherapy agent .
  3. Stopping Differin

    you can try not using it for a few days and see the difference..and then decide what would be best
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  5. 2 Week Update

    So it's been 2 weeks and 1 day since I started roaccutane and, I'm not going to lie, it has been really really hard. The last 2 weeks my skin broke out to the worst it has ever been. My confidence was rock bottom and I felt no amount of make up could help the situation as the texture of my skin was awful due to the dry skin caused by the accutane. I kept thinking, "nothing is going to work, I'm going to have this acne forever". As much as I'd like to post a photo to share, I'd be way too nervous to, it was THAT bad this week! But I, along with all my family and friends, have been reassuring myself that it has to get worse to get better as it works from the inside out so I'm really trying to see that positive side of things. Wen my skin got to the worst, I stayed at home all day and applied some benzoyl peroxide which i don't really find helps all that much. What I really do find that helps is the Witch Hazel & Tea Tree Night Treatment Gel from Boots. I bought it ages ago when I had a mild breakout and haven't used it since. But the other night I found it in my drawer and said I'd give it another bash! Oh. My. God. LIFE SAVER. I applied it at night and again after I moisturised the next morning before putting on my make up... It totally killed any active spots I had and dried them up completely in the space of about 48 hours. Even ones that had not surfaced yet and were really inflamed, it totally soothed them and it didn't dry out my skin, only the spots. HIGHLY RECOMMEND TRYING. I'm going to continue using it, even when my skin is pretty much almost clear as it doesn't irritate my skin and it also prevents new spots. Lets hope this is the last of my initial breakout! Side effects: Other than that, side effects are just dry skin and lips. Scalp is starting to get dry too and the palms of my hands (weirdly). Hello week 3
  6. Got extractions done by dermatologist yesterday and it irritated by skin and things 10x worse. lesson learned i won't do that again. i break out everyday anyway but this is just icing on the cake. any ideas of how to heal all these new pimples i woke up with?
  7. Arnica Montana for Acne & Dandruff

    Hi Ashton, Thanks for your input! Did you give arnica a try? Talked to my naturopathic doctor about my arnica montana acne clearing breakthrough. She said that she has seen oral arnica treatment clear acne as well as several other skin conditions. Although arnica montana's healing actions are largely unknown, she believes it stimulates an immune response that reduces inflammation and increases tissue repair. She also explained that homeopathic medicine is generally taken for short periods of time. She suggested taking it for three weeks and then checking in with her to make sure the herb isn't causing any side effects. So, because it's working beautifully for me I will continue the treatment under her supervision. Anyone else have success with arnica montana homeopathic pellets?
  8. I would like to Know if you ara happy with the result and at How many mouth you see great result I lose confidence and i am very sad to have it :'( dermastamp/dermaroller is my only chance to get ride of this,I don't have enough money to do other proc├ędure,I am still a student
  9. Going to see Dr. Novick

    So after many failed consultations in my state (Ohio) I have to decided to drive 8 hours to see Dr. Novick hopefully for subcision and possibly fillers. Earlier this year I bought a package of 3 dermapen treatments from a local med spa. I'm due to have my third treatment in about a week. I see Dr. Novick in about 4 weeks. Do you guys think microneedling 3 weeks before subcision is a good idea or would I be better off postponing it until after I see Novick? Or maybe it doesn't matter either way?
  10. Does acne scars destroy facial hair ?

    Yes i Know but i would to say if scar tissus become "normal" tissus with micro needling it Will be able to regrow hair ?
  11. Will subcision work on these scars?

    Yes with a NOKOR needle, request this. You need a HA filler a few days after when the swelling goes down. IT will take a few of them ;-) You can TCA peel for texture on the spots when you even things out more with sub. Dr Chu in london does this, loss of discussion on the boards on him.
  12. What type of treatment shoud i use

    @Scars_Hope You may be allergic to hydroquinone. No we do not use hydroquinone when subcising, just for peels and laser. Wear makeup aka concealer or tinted mosturizer my friend, then no one would have known. Some cover to the spot. There is dermablend at department stores for surgeries. I think your allergic to many things, just don't use them with open wounds or skin.
  13. Bloating

    Hi, anyone experiencing stomach bloating while on tane? I always use to get bloating quite often before but had it for about 5 days straight now. I'm in month 2 of the course
  14. What type of treatment shoud i use

    Thanks @beautifulambition For all the information. It is a long road and I have got very deep scars. i will contact @keving100 to ask about the doctors. Do I need to use a lightening cream before subcision as well?? I tried hydroquinone but my face was burning and it was red for a week. Ironically, I had an exam the next day, I ended up not reading a whole question because I was upset and mad, and to make it even better I had a presentation the next day. I will attach a photo of my face 1 day after using hydroquinone.
  15. My 8 year long battle with acne (with pictures)

    Did you try the caveman regimen?
  16. regimen products

    Just online.
  17. Semax (us based) You are looking into 2 area's Area 1 = Nootropics Area 2 = Nootropics+ (modafinil etc,) Area 1 This is the easy one, its legal and always good service from the websites who are selling it. Use reddit to research any substance. Some to experiment are Piracetam (alot of research) Semax (used in russia for stroke victims etc) Aniracetam These websites (legal) I found to be the best ones Area 2 This is the darkweb area. Im from the Netherlands so police dont care about "users" like me but I can order pretty much any medication from there. There is always more risk in this area with buying / customs / bad service etc but I never experienced it. Follow these instructions from reddit and you will be entering a very cool area. Just start with area 1
  18. Scarless Healing

    There is no evidence it will. You all just need to be patient.
  19. Never cleared up in 9 years

    Similar to you, I was on Isotretinoin (accutane) when I was 21, I am now 33. The accutane cleared up my acne completely for about 3-4 years, then it came back again (but not as bad). I didn't go back on accutane or any medication, but I found some things that helped me quite a bit. I have SUPER sensitive skin as well and many things cause me to break out... 1. Shower before bed so the oils from your hair don't get into your face while you are sleeping 2. Change your pillow case EVERY night. I will break out if I don't do this. My wife used to think I was weird for doing this, now she actually does it as well. 3. Wash your face every morning, when you shower (obviously) and anytime you are going to work out/exercise (wash your face prior to exercising and after) 4. I NEVER EVER shave with a regular hand held shaver. I use an electric trimmer (not the one that removes all the hair completely). I trim my facial hair very low, but never completely shave it. If I use a regular shaver, I break out. 5. Find a soap that works well for you. I use Purpose bar soap, but everyone is different. 6. I never use lotion to moisturize. If my face is dry I just use aloe (the same stuff you put on if you get sun burn). Just regular old aloe from the drug store. 7. Don't touch your face unless your hands are clean! I literally stick to this regime every day and I don't break out any more(just the occasional pimple). Good luck mate!
  20. Accutane (23/Male)

    Just wanted to say how inspiring your posts have been. My son is only 13 and already been on 18 months of different antibiotics, creams etc to no effect. His confidence and self esteem are at rock bottom due to bullying at school over his skin. He won't even look in a mirror at the moment. Today we have been prescribed accutane 40mg. The dermatologist was so positive that the treatment will work and told my son it will change his life! We've discussed all the possible side effects but I'm scared it won't work after trying everything else and it having almost zero effect. Im also dreading his skin going worse in the interim as I'm not sure he can take much more but reading your blog and going through it with my son has given us some hope. Good luck with your journey and thanks for sharing.

    If I take a picture facing the light the photograph doesn't show my scars, but in other light my scars look awful, especially in car windows. I can only mirror what the first post said - try subcison and perhaps retin A. I am afraid of trying retin A as there's been some horror stories on here lately, but it may be worth trying it out with a low strength.
  22. Would a combination of subcision and retin A improve these scars?
  23. Does acne scars destroy facial hair ?

    Well, i heard that microneedling is useally used in combination with Minoxidil, to transport the Minoxidil deeper. Greetings
  24. Does acne scars destroy facial hair ?

    OF course not. I have heard antidotal evidence of rogaine/ minoxidil topically working google search it. Some say Testosterone increases naturally increase their hairiness as well. Microneeling does nothing for this.

    Ahh yes.... I'm just scared of all about it, but at the same time I'm just tired of my acne effects my self confidence so much... I feel like it was the antibiotics who "started" my real acne and made it worse! I'm just wondering if someone has the same experience with antibiotics and who after got helped by accutane
  26. aside from online, where can i buy regimen product here in Japan? please help me.. (desperate)
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