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  2. What’s wrong with me?

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    Wow thank you so much. A lot of what you said I can relate to and I agree with. Thanks for taking the time to help me with some advice. You make a lot of sense and I will be revisiting accutane.
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  4. Nothing is working!

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    If your doing treatments,please wait a reasonable time inbetween sessions for need time now to heal from needling before tca peel,vice can damage your skin if your not carefull.
  5. I'm not sure whether it's the same serum we'r using (probably not), but the one that helps for me consists of: Laevomycetini 2.0 Ac. Salicylici 1.0 Sulflur p.p. 2.5 Glycerini 5.0 Aethanoli 70o 100ml It is made by doctors prescription in only one pharmacy in my city (eastern europe). You need to shake it before using and apply on skin, it has a bitter taste when if you accidently taste it. But as doctor said it has no harm ingredients and I can use it as long as i want. It doesn't help much with normal acne though (which i get sometimes as well), but it does help with those itchy bastards around mouth. So far it's the only thing that helped me. The only other solution I see is low dose accutane - it won't fix the problem, but i hear people stay clear as long as they keep using it as a very low dose (f.e. 20mg/week) medicine.
  6. I totally see what you’re getting at here, but how come other forms of chemo don’t leave patients riddled with this nasty disease like we are? What is so different about iso? And how would one treat chemo toxicity? I mean we would obviously just have to treat symptoms and find out what that chemo triggered right?
  7. this is the picture of the serum. i just bought three bottles yesterday. because my last one is empty. there is no ingredients only says acne +. when i visit the clinic i ask the doctor about the ingredient and she said there is no antibiotic or steroid in it. but she refuse to let me know what is the exact ingredient. but this serum is a pharmacy made under doctor supervision. i attach the picture of my beard. you can see i am 100 clear as long as im on this serum. that is my bare face, i took the picture this night. i haven't take a shower since morning. im so glad if its help.
  8. That's ridiculous If they ask, which they won't tell them you are getting skin treatment. If they notice, who cares.
  9. Hello! I'm seeing my dermatologist on Monday, but I've received my blood test results from my doctor. Would anyone please be able to tell me if they seem okay for continuing accutane? I don't want to pay my dermatologist if he won't continue the course so I just want to be sure. I'm currently on 40mg. White blood count 5.2 Red blood count 5.04 Hemoglobin 136 Platelet 321 Bilirubin 13 Alkaline Phosphatase 103 Gamma GT 31 ALT 54 AST 42 Cholesterol 3.19 LDL Cholesterol 2.95 HDL Cholesterol 0.98 Triglycerides 1.71 I don't know if I've missed out any other relevant ones? I understand most people on here aren't medical professionals, but I'd be incredibly grateful for any help. Thank you so much
  10. I have made my own face powder which contains only colloidal oatmeal and arrowroot flour. Can I use this after doing the regimen during the daytime? The moisturizer makes my face look very shiny, especially when I add jojoba oil. Are either arrowroot powder or colloidal oatmeal comedogenic?
  11. I'm specifically asking why it has a comedogenic rating of 2 instead of 0 like argan oil or hemp seed oil.
  12. Hi Axmann. The Jojoba Oil has the same consistency of the oil on your skin therefore it will not clog your pores. Ingredients that do clog pores usually has a rating of 3 and above. For more information on which ingredients to avoid,kindly visit
  13. Scarless Healing

    Forums Scar treatments 9,100 replies

    Sunogel looks like healed scratch on the finger
  14. Hi WarmPete, I'm sorry to hear that you never got your order. Kindly contact our customer support team at to help you track your order.
  15. Scarless Healing

    Forums Scar treatments 9,100 replies

    in burns the word 'scar' can refer to a matured skin graft as well as an ungrafted burn scar. Its confusing as fuck. Yeh scars are damage to the dermis and also the layer between the epidermis and dermis where new epidermal cells are made. The dermis doesnt renew like the epidermis does. Stretch marks is a break in the dermis which heals with scar tissue but intact epidermis so with this as an example. Would a Dr treat this with skinte? Without breaking the 'do no harm' code of conduct...i dont see how it would be possible. Sunogel looks amazing!!
  16. When I played football in high school I would get acne on my chest and shoulders from the pads. When football season was over, the acne would go away for the most part. During my senior year I went on Accutane. My facial acne was bad and my older brother had pretty good results with Accutane. When the six months were over, my skin had cleared up pretty well and my chest was spotless. But a few months after the treatment was over these little scars started to show up on my chest and shoulders. They weren't very bad at first, but they eventually grew larger and darker. Some of them are raised and dark, larger than the original acne. And others are relatively flat but still very dark. Some people who have seen my chest think it's just acne based off the appearance of the scars. I've tried cortisone injections and silicone scar gel, but they didn't really help. I got a home dermarolling kit, which has actually worked for flattening out some of the scars, but hasn't been much help with the color. Recently I've been looking into dermabrasion as a potential treatment, but some of my research has indicated that dermabrasion could make the hypertrophic scars worse. Has anyone had any luck treating these kinds of scars?
  17. Well, when you have creases all overs your face + rolling scars + boxcar scar etc. it's not cute at all, and yes people stare because your face look weird, not just like acne scars. So yes it's dishearting and hard to keep your head up when ppl just want to know what happened with your face. Just my 2cents.

    Forums Scar treatments 3 replies

    I don't understand... In your video, you just say that your scars are mostly gone but you don't say how you got that result ?
  19. Nothing is working!

    Forums Scar treatments 111 replies

    Thanks, I decided to do another derminator session as I needed minimal downtime this week. But I will do the peel really soon. I'll try and get glycolic, thanks! Anyone noticed it's really hard to get TCA now? Amazon and eBay used to sell it...
  20. @Delto Yes If it's financially feasible I think Dr Lim can you you with your scars. Obi Wan has given you ery good advice in detail as I said above laser and steroid drip. BA
  21. How user dependent is infini?

    Forums Scar treatments 5 replies

    BA is correct, Intracel and Intensif can be equally as good, if not better in some situations. The name says it all with Infini - one can adjust treatment level from one to twenty , that is measured in watts, the duration of energy from zero to one thousand, and zero to 3.5 mm in depth. This combined with a variable spring rate, makes it very user dependent.. Get it right, its great, get it wrong, it can lead to bad things. Not many devices are overpowered now a days, but this is one of them, good in the correct hands. Intracel is also insulated, but the downside is that it only reaches 2 mm and needles are only one third the number of Infini. Intensif is good, best motor of all the devices. Secret is probably the worse. A good operator will alway change the settings during the procedure, depending on the feel of the device and the nature of your scars. More resistance means you have more fibrotic scars, and hence parameters need to be optimised. With RF microneedling, its more use dependent that device.
  22. enerjet treatment

    Forums Scar treatments 8 replies

    This treatment works, however its best for mild scars and shallow box car scars. The downside, most patients improve for only 3 to 4 months. Lots of excitement when this was introduced many years ago, as everyone was placing HA filler, but in reality only a small percentage gets into the dermal layer. Another disadvantage is that the exact layer can not be controlled. Hence, sometime old fashioned multilevel subcision with a needle and HA filler gives far superior results. Great concept, and I wish you the best.
  23. TCA CROSS hands down. Just be careful of the broad scar on your cheeks. You can paint the linear scars with TCA, and they will come up just fine. Make sure you do not spill, and ensure that only deep narrow scars are treated. Given your skin type, you will PIH, so space 6 to 8 weeks apart. 3 sessions, and then post up your pictures. As a stand alone, it will give you the best results. Of course all the other treatments, e.g.. erbium fractional, Co2 fractional RF, dermal fillers with subcision etc... can improve things further, but TCA first. Most cost effective and effective treatment for these scars. Take care.
  24. Hard to get a fantastic result, but improvements possible. This is due to physiology. The type of scars you have are papular hypertrophic. Ask your dermatologist politely for a test patch. Photography say a twenty square cm area on on side, and treat with A 10 steroid injections. Not difficult to perform but time consuming as placement has to be exact. The other side, treat each scar with a good CO2 laser, ,five to ten percent fractional only, then drip steroid in the treated grid. Occlude for 3 hours. Then review in 6 weeks. See which is the better side. Sometime old fashioned steroid injections are better. Given the extent, may need ten treatments or so. Chest area, I suspect you have active folliculitis causing scarring, your dermatologist will have a better understanding with close examination. If this is the case, hair removal to stop ingrowns that cause inflammation. Once this is settled- given the atrophy, excision of some scars, then bio-stimulatory fillers - Sculptra - Radiesse etc... can help, followed by CO2 low density lasers. Once again unlike facial skin, body scars take a lot more treatments, and have to be treated with caution. All the best
  25. I believe the chemotherapy adjunct medication Isotretinoin has the potential to insult the PNS, as it is more susceptible to chemical injury than other regions (CNS or the brain directly), especially in those of developmental ages. As a result, the Autonomic nervous system can be affected. The PSNS for instance controls many regulations throughout the body, such as glandular function. Isotretinoin is marketed on its ability to shrink sebaceous glands, which are exocrine glands. I question how a chemical is able to discern between exocrine/endocrine, throughout the body, as its "effect" takes place. The drug has been remarked as having the ability to "make cancerous cells appear normal" in medical journals. I urge people to look into their symptoms as it relates to the nervous system. Here is a photo, now recall our pattern of symptom commonalities in the a.reproductive region b. digestive region c. neurological region I don't think it's far-fetched at all to make a PNS>ANS>Limbic System pathway of chemical toxicity, I think someone who actually knows about this stuff would say it's feasible, and if not, I'd like to hear why not. I think people should focus their effort on a chemotherapy toxicity induced dysautonomia.
  26. Scarless Healing

    Forums Scar treatments 9,100 replies

    It's not my opinion. It's the doctor's opinion. You are welcome to keep your hopes up in vain.
  27. Scarless Healing

    Forums Scar treatments 9,100 replies

    I'd ignore the "discussions" on this thread and just check it for thr occasional updates on technology.
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