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    Good concept, but lots of collateral damage to veins and vessels. Namely chances of haematoma are vvvvv high. Seromas as well. Done correctly, NOKOR itself has a 5-9% rate of complications. With this technique, even with a vein guide, risks are high. Not saying its bad, its just a odds game. High risk, faster results. With subcsion, the ideal scenario is to push vessels aside, reach the scar with as little entry wounds as possible and only cut the bonds holding that particular scar down- precise work. This technique saves multiple entry points but the sharp end of the instrument must travel distances to reach scars in other areas, hence collateral damage.
  3. Emil is good. He was trained at the NHS with Prof Chu, so his subcision is point to point. Multiple entry areas - as in the video. Now, forehead area is very easy if one is experience. A good specialist will go vertical first, 3 injection points, hear the crunch of collagen bonds breaking then inject Botox. Not a lot, only 1 unit per scar. This will give an improvement of 20-30% permanently. The Botox prevents muscle contraction whist the vertical entry of the needles break bonds. If this does not work, filler and tangental subcision- higher risk as Dr Lim mentions, due to blood vessels in the area. One has to be vvv experienced in this due to the arterial supply and the depth, go 0.2 mm too deep, and filler in say a supraorbital artery can lead to blindness. A safer approach would be saline with suction. As for lasers and Infini, etc... feel the depth between skin and bone? Not much correct. If one uses even a 0.5 mm needle its deep, and even with insulation, it will leave grids for awhile. Tricky area, but easy if specialist knows how to approach this. If in doubt, as Emil to email Lim as Davin often gives advice to other doctors and they stay in contact. . All the best.
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  5. Hypopigmentation - loss of skin colour

    Try microneedling and Latiesse... its an old treatment but it could work. Adjunctive nUVB hand held light to stimulate pigment cells to produce melanin. Miconeedling does NOT need to go deep as melanocytes are only 100 microns, so a 0.25 needle will suffice. Latiesse is a Prostaglandin inhibitor, and the science is solid. Microneedlie and latiesse every 1 to 2 weeks. Follow the UVB therapy 3 times a week. Honle from Germany makes the best devices. If all else fails ReCell has been shown to help ... success rate is around 40% at best for re cell. This is melanocyte harvest. All the best. It can take up to 6 month to regiment. Slow process.
  6. Keloid and Hypertrophic Scars Are the Result of Chronic Inflammation in the Reticular Dermis. Ogawa R1. Abstract Keloids and hypertrophic scars are caused by cutaneous injury and irritation, including trauma, insect bite, burn, surgery, vaccination, skin piercing, acne, folliculitis, chicken pox, and herpes zoster infection. Notably, superficial injuries that do not reach the reticular dermis never cause keloidal and hypertrophic scarring. This suggests that these pathological scars are due to injury to this skin layer and the subsequent aberrant wound healing therein. The latter is characterized by continuous and histologically localized inflammation. As a result, the reticular layer of keloids and hypertrophic scars contains inflammatory cells, increased numbers of fibroblasts, newly formed blood vessels, and collagen deposits. Moreover, proinflammatory factors, such as interleukin (IL)-1α, IL-1β, IL-6, and tumor necrosis factor-α are upregulated in keloid tissues, which suggests that, in patients with keloids, proinflammatory genes in the skin are sensitive to trauma. This may promote chronic inflammation, which in turn may cause the invasive growth of keloids. In addition, the upregulation of proinflammatory factors in pathological scars suggests that, rather than being skin tumors, keloids and hypertrophic scars are inflammatory disorders of skin, specifically inflammatory disorders of the reticular dermis. Various external and internal post-wounding stimuli may promote reticular inflammation. The nature of these stimuli most likely shapes the characteristics, quantity, and course of keloids and hypertrophic scars. Specifically, it is likely that the intensity, frequency, and duration of these stimuli determine how quickly the scars appear, the direction and speed of growth, and the intensity of symptoms. These proinflammatory stimuli include a variety of local, systemic, and genetic factors. These observations together suggest that the clinical differences between keloids and hypertrophic scars merely reflect differences in the intensity, frequency, and duration of the inflammation of the reticular dermis. At present, physicians cannot (or at least find it very difficult to) control systemic and genetic risk factors of keloids and hypertrophic scars. However, they can use a number of treatment modalities that all, interestingly, act by reducing inflammation. They include corticosteroid injection/tape/ointment, radiotherapy, cryotherapy, compression therapy, stabilization therapy, 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) therapy, and surgical methods that reduce skin tension. KEYWORDS: hypertrophic scar; keloid; radiation; steroid tape; surgery Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+
  7. Tell me how you did it. Your acne journey. Since when did you got it? what makes it worse? is it severe or mild? for how long have you been suffering? How have people been treating you? And if you had succeeded, how did you do it? Natural or with the help or medications? Is it cleared 100%? Go on, just tell me everything. Let it all out

    lol hey man I did it for a week (accidentally) and my face cleared up. yea I still have some of them. So it's true that you need to take a break for a while before changing to another brand. Be sure to do some exercises and go out, join a camping or hiking party. It really helps my skin. We all need to sit down and enjoy the nature anyway.
  9. Hey man, you still have this problem? If you do I will try to help you then. It's a rolling acne scar with red marks, a type of post acne scar. It means that you had quite a lot of blind pimples before and this is the after result. Tell me your skincare routine and how clean is your environment. Have you ever wear a sunblock before? Have you ever go to a dermatologist?
  10. Ahhh, just so you know, I'm getting better, It was actually a Cold Sore or Shingles as the doctor said. I mean, there is a cluster of pimples accumulated on this one spot and began to clumped together, forming a bigger pimples and I immediately got a fever from that, but thanks everyone
  11. It is all the same

    Hey @Petsme. I wrote a long post and then I decided to delete it. I think I am feeling down and lost. With many negative thoughts. And I think there is no need to share my negativity with everyone.
  12. Not sure if this is really acne

    ..thank u. I will try doing that if i didn't improve next week. My mom thinks its actually an allergic reaction. I had an allergy to eggs, chocolates and chickens way back in preschool and went away when im in highschool. She thinks it's back again in the way of these tiny bumps because it becomes really itchy when i eat those food. Im not sure if that's just a coincidence.... Btw.. Are you clear now?
  13. If you are truly focused on fixing the brain, please refer to my previous posts. I'm advocating a natural means of treatment utilizing mushrooms, plant/fruit based diet, moderate exercise, hyperbaric oxygen therapy to promote neurogenisis. This year we start trials and I hope you guys take the time to really listen to some of the videos I post and follow along this protocol if you want, why not, give it a shot.
  14. I have continued problems of fatigue, depression, light sensitivity. Finally got back to my GP to get “red blood cell” count results. It’s all fine on this test!! ANA ( anti-nuclear antibodies) is Negative. Report suggests that negative would rule out Lupus in 95% of cases. So no signs of inflammation. On one hand you feel relieved when tests are negative but with our condition you always walk out none the wiser. I talked about blood flow issues post tane inc frontal lobe issues, she didn’t feel I exhibited the symptoms, I asked who one would see for such issues - it’s a Haematologist she said, perhaps someone else can get a referral to see about blood flow issues??
  15. Acne sux

    I hate acne. My friends, my siblings, they have smooth and clear skin. Mine is not severe, but hell lot of black spots scars, wHiteheads, and blackheads. I have super oily skin, suffered from mild acne since 11 years old. It improved when I keep strictly to my diet, keep trying new products which cost a ton, drink a lot of water, put a lot of effort. I won't lose to acne, I'm going to clear my skin and glow. I'm just jealous that my friends don't need to put any effort, they were born with clear skin. They eat ice cream chocolate and pizza drink coke soft drinks everyday, but they still come to school with flawless skin. I hate it. I hate that I'm born with this ugly skin, not smooth skin I hate it I hate it so much I hate it I hate it. Acne sucks so much. My friends always tell me to 'WASH YOUR FACE!' and f*ck them. Washing your face won't let me get clear skin. It'll keep it clean but not make it clear up. I wish it's that simple. I put hell lot of medication powder thing on my face just to cover my acne, use oil absorb paper to wipe my face, moisturize, wash, while they sit on their chair doing nothing complaining about one breakout and two blackheads. LIKE WTF I hate my life.
  16. 60 Days of No Skin Picking

    Day 7 Stupidly tried a new foundation that did not make my skin happy and have some new small pustules. Yay for me being an idiot. Lmao but still no picking PS. The gnarly pimple has gone totally flat and is almost normal skin color. This is amazing since I’m usually left with a red scar forever
  17. The first paragraph is nonsense. No evidence comparing Accutane to heroin. Any peer reviewed studies? I guess Trump took Accutane then back in the day. Explains a lot.
  18. This is why I believe fillers are absolute game-changers. You will not get those kind of results from lasers - EVER. I can't wait for the time when we have reversible hyaluronic acid fillers that last 5 years or more.
  19. Hello, i got this red bump on my cheek next to my nose. I've been using benzaclin (5% benozyl peroxide and clindamycin) for a three days now, but the bump isnt coming to a head or going away. I'm not sure if this is acne or a boil? Should I go to the esthetician and get it extracted or wait for another week? Thanks!
  20. What is my condition and my options?

    I think dermabrasion would be quite harsh. It's quite an invasive procedure that basically removes layers of your skin. Probably good for someone with deeper scars, but you might be better served with TCA peels.
  21. omg this purging is f*cked... excuse my language but omg... i came home today and i literally had 8 new whiteheads pop up.... 5 of which were on my neck . And the thing is i already had so much pimples and PIH already...I REALLY hope this is the worst of my purging because i almost cant handle this and i have a birthday party to go to saturday. ugh. I popped a couple of them because they were VERY white and sticking out my face a centimetre. The reason I'm getting acne on my neck is because when i did the OCM it clogged my pores EVERYWHERE, and i would rub a lot of the oil all over my neck including using the oil as a moisturizer... hemp seed oil, castor oil and jojoba oil... all turned out horrible for me.
  22. My Isotretionin adventure

    Geez, this thing acts fast... Day 5 and my lips and eyes are dry
  23. Well, take pill #1, then #2 then #3 in a row I do that but I only need two pills.
  24. Scarless Healing

    To be fair to Sunogel, they aren't an operating business at this point (i.e. they don't actually sell a product). They're going to do clinical trials, which means it will be some time (if ever) before a product is commercialized. That doesn't mean we should stay away from them and the fact they're in a "strip mall" just means they're keeping costs low while they're in the research phase. I agree, if it works (fully or with major improvement to existing methods) on burns, you'll be able to find a surgeon/derm that will treat your acne scarring. If it gets complete regeneration there will just be way, way, way too much money for them not to try it. That's where I'd be careful though because you'd want to make sure it was a reputable and elite surgeon.
  25. Im 20 years post Accutane. I took a course when I was around 15 for the minimum recommended duration (4 months?) im guessing the dosage was around 40mg a day that I worked up to. Im going to show you my greatest concerns that may be related to Accutane. When I talk about blood flow to the brain, I literally felt this when I was younger. (I felt the need to hang upside down from my bed at times to get good blood flow) I also felt heart type symptoms (abnormal skips, abnormal reaction to loud noises like fluttering) Obviously I wasnt putting it all together as a young teenager, especially with hardly any internet. So fast foward. These are my greatest concerns as it might relate, or have taken a toll. MRI BRAIN WO CONTRAST Volume loss of brain parenchyma is seen, advanced for patient'sage. There is thinning of the body of the corpuscallosum. This finding is stable compared to prior MRI, 8/10/2013. EKG 12-LEAD - Details POSSIBLE LEFT ATRIAL ENLARGEMENT Are these all my symptoms? no. But they are the most concerning and possibly induced or worsened by Accutane as some evidence might suggest. Association of left atrial enlargement with left ventricular hypertrophy and diastolic dysfunction: a tissue Doppler study in echocardiographic practice. Left atrial (LA) enlargement is a powerful risk factor for cardiovascular diseases Why am I looking at Vitamin K? There could be a strong antagonistic relationship with retinoids. Teens who consumed less vitamin K—found in leafy greens such as spinach and cabbage—were more than three times more likely to develop left ventricular hypertrophy, the study found. ... Vitamin K, or phylloquinone, is important to blood clotting and healthy bone development, Augusta University explained in a release.Oct 2, 2017 Low vitamin K intake in teens linked to early signs of left ventricular ...
  26. I got prescribed 60 mg for my 4th month of Accutane but they said they didn't make them in 60 mg so they told me to take 3 20 mg pills daily with food, am I supposed to take the 3 all at the same time or different times throughout the day?? PLEASE HELP. I didn't ask my derm because I didn't think of this question when I was there.
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