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  2. I’ve started taking Myorisan (accutane) on 40mg a day. I get pretty brutal cramps during my period and although I really try not to, I tend to have to take something in order to function (Advil/Tylenol/Aleve). I’m getting pretty bad cramps now but I’m too afraid of taking something to relieve them... won’t this put too much stress on my liver? What is the safest way to find relief? Pls help lol
  3. Don't do this ever! It is the most common mistake. I strongly advice you to not do it because it will only worsen the inflammation and cause the acne to spread. If you are ever going to pop a pimple I suggest doing it when the white is very visible or when it has almost fallen out and you can just "scrape" it off with your nail. Of course I will sanitize my hands before doing any of this.
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  5. Accutane

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  6. hey everyone! im so confused now about the shape of this acne/pimple i don't know what to call it, i had it for a long time. today i had enough of it and i removed it. it has a hard head like a spike. it doesnt hurt at all.
  7. He should be able to do that all in one day. I doubt he will consult on Skype, ... he is sooo busy. But worth the drive compared to LA derms, perhaps take off a Friday. Contact his staff through email to schedule or call. Dr Rullan is a expert with Acids and Ethnic skin, .... you do not have to tell him about "paint" method. It's basically multi layered (X3) lower 30% inside larger pits.
  8. Well, I ate like 50 or 60 grams of fat before the blood test, so let's hope the triglycerides increased from it, I will take my next blood test in a month from now, I hope for good.
  9. So I return to this thread MANY years later, because I found my CURE! Nose crease and scalp was prone to SD since birth, and this past year (40+ years later) Im finally free from it. Also - NO products involved. Only self discipline. And I only do 2 things: Dry brushing. Brushing with EV olive oil. I use a toothbrush for nose wings and cleaning/floor brush for scalp. Dry brush bi-nightly, and with oil 2-4 times pr month. Thanks to this I was even able to grow a beard, which I never could before due to filling up with SD and itching like hell. (Note - I also seem to require 1-2 short tanning bed sessions pr. month during winter to keep it 100% away.)
  10. I started getting these about a year and a half ago. I don't ever really get white heads or any other type of acne. I remember feeling a hard bump under my skin on my forehead. You couldn't see it, but you could feel it under the skin. It hurt so so so bad. I didnt know what it was, so I tried squeezing it and only clear liquid would come out from all the pores in the area.. it would turn bright red and it was just awful. There was no way to cover them up. Around this time, I was drinking a ton of diet soda, and I was convinced this was the problem. So I stopped drinking it, and I did not really have one of these horrible things since. Recently, I started drinking diet soda again... big mistake. I was at a family party playing volleyball ball and I scratched my forehead, and felt a huge painful bump. I was so irritated. I noticed it on a saturday, and I had a family vacation on thursday. My skin had been clear all summer long. I went home and tried to pop it (big mistake because these things never have any pus) and it just made it worse. It was so big and painful. I was desperate to find any way to get rid of it. I tried tea tree oil, hot compresses, neosporin.. nothing worked. It was still so deep under my skin. So i did some research, and found some stuff called Prid. It claimed that it draws splinters, and helps drain boils. It got really good reviews so I ran to CVS. It was tuesday, and I was desperate. I bought the Prid, and applied a big glob on top of the.. thing. I put a bandaid on top and went to bed. In the morning it was SO much better. So much of the liquid had drained out and it was almost flat. It was not nearly as red. Still hurts, but thats understandable because of how much I squeezed it. EVERYONE needs to go buy this stuff. Very ugly brown color and awful tar smell but it WORKS!! I was so worried about going on my vacation with this thing on my forehad. It is now Wednesday and I am going to wear this stuff all day and tonight as well, and hopefully it will be completely gone before I leave tomorrow !!
  11. Scarless Healing

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    Does anyone know why sunogel taking so long? They have been here since 2015, you would have thought they have a working product already.
  12. Thanks for your reply! I’ve researched again and you’re right it IS hard to find someone who does subcision. I know Dr. Emer does but for whatever reason he gives me the creeps lol. I’ll call Dr. Rullan’s ofdice hopefully they can do a Skype or email consultation. Just a few questions ... when you say sculptra is effective for mass filling do you mean it’s okay for only my rolling / large boxcars or is it okay to use for pretty much all over my scarred areas? Hopefully if I go to Rullan he can do TCA cross / subcsision on the same day and in between treatments I’ll get rf needling done. Also, for “TCA paint” is that done typically at the same time as cross? thanks in advance!
  13. Anyone here uses Cordyceps already? I could not go a day without i now.
  14. Hey everyone, I have been sticking to a skin care routine for nearly two weeks now and it has helped clear some acne on my forehead. The problem is I don’t feel like the rest is going to go away. I’ve only ever had issues with acne/pimples on my forehead. Do you know what these are and how can I treat them? Do I need to change my diet - ditch the dairy or can you suggest some prescription medication? thank you
  15. @Control Panel Do you think it would be beneficial to just pin them at the top of the board like they do in announcements sub for instance. This way people do not have to sort them. They were featured (stars) in the interim until they were pinned (thumbtack) and we never got around to doing this because of the site re-design. I know the sort feature is not very useful for me (unless I am researching) because then I don't see the newest posts first if I have it on a different setting (I think this is what the average user is thinking) who may not even know to sort but needs these heavily used posts. Maybe @Candy Says can can tell us more what he wants. But I know those who have requested it use it as a quasi reference guide to cover 99% of the topics / discussions (ie. scarless healing). Someone new is more likely to leave view-settings as is and simply look for new posts by being confused if something was discussed (this is why we pin important things I believe). Just thinking about it a bit. Thank you for all your effort CP!
  16. June 1

    Blogs My Acnetrex Journey

    The time I got depressed and never went outside my room for a week! Realized that i shouldn’t let my acne interfere with my life and that it isn’t the end of the world.
  17. May 26

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  18. May 2

    Blogs My Acnetrex Journey

    I was experiencing side effects such as: i forget things more often, it’s hard to focus on things (especially on my studies), i was lonelier than usual.
  19. April 28

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  20. Date: April 10, 2018
  21. Date: March 31, 2018 I hated my face so much... this started when I went to South Korea on December 2017 and bought a LOOOOT of korean products because I got so excited to try its effectiveness! I wish I didn’t ripped my money off for Korean products!
  22. At the moment my skin is looking quite good not completely clear but just a few spots on my chin and on my right cheek. I’ve been taking folic acid cause I was told I was low in folate and have been getting a lot of sun recently too so I dunno if that has helped. But I still get breakouts on my period and other times to. I’ve been reading people’s experiences with this prescription and I’m really wary to start it now. I don’t want it to make my fairly good skin any worse or dry it out too much as I already suffer from dry skin especially around my nose. I just want clear skin and for my breakouts to lessen or better yet stop. This is the only route I haven’t tried yet after years of trying expensive skin care brands which did nothing. I’ve now starting using cetaphil cleanser and have my Clinique moisture surge intense moisturiser which I’ve used for a long time. I know everyone reacts differently to things so I’m hoping it will work for me and I won’t get any of the nasty side effects. I’d like to hear your experiences with it. Are there any success stories? I guess I’m just looking for some peace of mind.
  23. same problem i have faced in my college
  24. Hi I have acne problem fro last 6 year, what to do?
  25. I would say within the first two months is when it cleared up then as I upped my dosage it broke out again, pushing more and more out. I had blackheads on my nose that took several months more but eventually they all just fell out one by one like a scab coming off a healed wound. that took the longest to clear up but as for acne it was probably all clear within about 3 months with blackheads being clear around 4-5months. It does take time but even with all the dryness that I had to experience (eyes,lips,bloody nose) I didn't once feel like going back to what I had before. It was horrible before. Everything is back to normal now though in those areas (eyes,lips, nose) and only took about a month so they do revert back though you'd doubt it being on it for so many months.
  26. Quitting Birth Control (pics)

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    Please post updates! I quit birth control about a year ago? Still struggling with acne breakouts, but haven't gone to a doctor yet (it's hard affording them...) I wish you the best of luck in this journey! It seems to really mess up the hormones and cause breakouts more, but here's hoping you won't have to deal with that. Good luck, sweetheart!
  27. Hello! I signed up specifically because I seen your post. You're not alone! I was on BC for about 7 years and ended up coming off it of. Worst acne ever. It's even worse than high school. It's on my cheeks, jaws, some on my forehead. It's getting on my shoulders and a bit on my back, though those are getting slightly better. Now there's like these very tiny bumps that's coming along, but they feel really weird. Like almost scabby feeling? I've tried practically everything on my own (I can't afford a doctor right now). It's awful. I've never heard of fungal acne before, so I can't answer that. Just know that you're definitely not alone on this! Do you seem to have issues healing as well? It seems like it takes months for mine to go away and even then it's like it never does. The red marks are always there.
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