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  2. I don't buy it. These scars - in my case, and I believe in other people's as well - are appearing literally overnight. Sometimes in the span of an hour or so during the day. I'll look in the mirror in the morning and nothing new is going on. Return an hour later..."WTF is that?" And "that' turns out to be a new, linear, indented scar.
  3. Most dermatologist will have to look this up in Rook or another text book. Only a few reported cases, especially in Middle Eastern women - I agree its more common than reported. 1. A normal dermatologist will not know about this real condition 2 A good scar revision specialist would give you the answer ; " We/ I don't know what causes this..." 3. This can be treated. Atrophic areas can be treated with v conservative Co2 laser coupled with vvv supernal dermal subcision with HA fillers . 4. What causes this is still unknown. Cresenteric scar may suggest scratching at night as it fits the nails. This is not proven.... adds to the unknown. An expert will tell you the truth... ' they have NFI". 5. First reported in the 70s - I am sure someone will figure the pathology in the next decade Good topic to bring up .....
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  5. @eyeback ... that's a good variety of scars, can be REALISTICALLY improved by60-80% 1. Manual vertical microneedling with micro Botox. If you hear a crunch its tethered, if not its atrophic. 2. Wait 2-3 weeks, retake photos. 3. Then saline only manual subcision with saline coupled with CO2 angled laser. 3-4 sessions. Can also do 25- 27 g cannula subcision horizontally or oblique. Saline only. TCA conservatively to deep scars. 4. What ever is left- DEEP filler to the periosteum - vvvvvv high risk, see some one who does this all the time. 5. Pick off the Pick scars with TCA CROSS. 6 Retake a photo - if you see the correct dude or dudess you will get a significant improvement. It is a hard , you do need the right specialist, it will take 6 months , you will succeed .... I wish you well
  6. Let's talk about Fillers

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    Loaded question that has been covered. No filler is 100% safe, Radiesse by Merz is a good filler in the CORRECT context. Few hints on fillers- 1. Read BAs summary- its accurate. 2. Trust a respected dermatology of plastic to choose a filler in context of your scars. 3. A good specialist will work with at least 15 different fillers. This means they will choose a filler depending on your scar type and age. 4. In high risk areas (atrophic scars, nose, temples, forehead) your dermatologist SHOULD use HAs only. 5. Radiesse and or Sculptra can be used to traction scars- eg. Jawline rejuvenation to improve overall laxity 6. Off label Radiesse or Scultpra can be diluted to stimulate collagen in atrophic scars. Experienced plastic or dermatologist will know the dilution according to your age - scars. 7. Be careful of Bellafill- test spot is recommend, but its not 100% accurate. 8. With tethered scars, SUBCISION is a must- or donuting will occur. Prof CL GOH- " Filler will always go the the area of least resistance. If you have a fibrotic scar, filler will surround the scar, leaving a donut shape'' 9. See someone who does filler for acne scars - this is vastly different from cosmetic fillers - its like night and day . Cosmetic fillers with cannula is like butter, acne scars with subcsion take 5 times longer and should be in different levels. 10. Do your research and see a few dermatologist- plastics. Subcision filler is an essential skill set for atrophic and rolling scars. A good scar revision expert will do this procedure 4-6 times a day. Every day... its second nature. Go with reviews and before and afters. They should have hundreds of B and A and not just half a dozen. I wish you well. Please read BA's advice as this resonates the safety of dermal fillers.
  7. Spironolactone was a wonder drug for me. Complete and total miracle, and transformed my hormonal acne. That is – until my pharmacy started switching generics. I am so frustrated, my insurance won’t pay for the brand name Aldactone. (I have never tried the brand-name but I’m just assuming it’s better). For anyone else who has had this problem, which brands do you find are the worst? These are the brands I have tried with success: -Sun Pharmaceuticals 50 mg twice per day (total 100 mg ). This pill was white and round and minty. -Amneal BIEGE 50 mg twice per day (total 100 mg). This pill was brownish beige and matte texture. I also had success taking 100 mg pill once per day from the same manufacturer (same brownish color). Then my pharmacy gave me yellow pills. They still have a AN (pharmacy says they are from Amneal) on them but they are yellow with a shiny texture. After about one week on the yellow pills I started getting cystic acne again and was bloated/puffy. I didn’t put it together until I noticed my sex drive was also going through the roof. I had some of the 100 mg beige pills in my medicine cabinet so I started taking those instead and within a couple days I lost all the water weight and my skin immediately dried up with no more acne. When I called the pharmacy to complain, they are not too helpful… I get my stuff filled at Giant Eagle pharmacy. They said they have no control over which generic they order. There are only certain brands they can special order. I’m really frustrated. Has anyone else had this experience? The main reason I’m confused is because apparently they’re both manufactured by Amneal but why would one set of pills be beige and the other one yellow? It’s super annoying to feel like I know more than the pharmacy tech. Any advice?
  8. Agree with BA- TCA CROSS, if fine narrow, toothpick, if broader, decrease concentration and osmotic syringe delivery. Most good Specialist would use CO2 angled laser (see Lim's recent Insta Post), this will treat the walls of the pick- pores- ice pick scars. 2-3 sessions. The rate limiting factor is your DEEPEST scar. Once raised, fully ablative erbium laser. Nose skin vvvv forgiving. Not a hard job - 6-8 months for 80% improvement. Follow BAs guide. Do NOT try TCA DIY with high concentration. Stay safe. Thank you BA.
  9. Seeing Prof Chu

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    So happy for you BeneficMosque, your right cheek looks really good, on the left still more to do. How many moretreatments do you plan to do?
  10. Dear Ezemuzu, I have a couple of scars on my nose which appeared from big cysts and even after many roa courses produced sebum..or stayed clear for half a year and then bursted. I used Soolantra cream and ivermectin solution I got in vet store, just did the applications every evening for an hour. For a month. It helped. I still use Soolntra once a week. Rinofima of the nose could start similar and very much associated with demodex. And then I did stamping which reduced the scars in half. I even did not post the pic of my nose here because the scars there bother me at the last turn.
  11. Hi all! I know that many people (including myself) have taken probiotics hoping to support their gut flora (and skin flora eventually). However, recently I came across this study showing the danger of probiotics: While the study doesn't mention skin issues, SIBO is very often linked to skin issues such as rosacea and/or acne. Just google it. Best
  12. I would suggest to leave away all supplements. If you google for B12 and acne, you will find that B12 can worsen acne. Here some information about how dangerous probiotics can be:
  13. I took roa for 5 months for the first time with no result for the first 3 months. I did not take the full comm dosage for the first time and this is what might be reason that cysts came back. I think that to take the full dosage and not to stop even if everything cleared is important.
  14. Let's talk about Fillers

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    What about Radiesse ? it's not HA, is it safe/permanent ?
  15. I just eat green-leafy vegetables, beef, chicken, fatty fish, and certain brands of Greek yogurt. Most, if not all of my acne goes away. I have to avoid a lot of foods but I only care about eating yogurt, hahaha.
  16. Does anyone know how to contact him ?

  17. I second BA. Each treatment I had by Dr Lim was charged $200 due to the medicare rebate. It is so worth it and he has a passion for acne scar treating.
  18. I haven't heard any success stories with low dose accutane. However, success rates are very good with high dose. My cysts are completely cleared since my one and only high dose accutane round 3 years ago.
  19. I weighed 65kg and was on 40mg the first month, 60mg the second and 80mg for the remaining 2.5 months. I had reached the cumulative maximum dose so my doctor had me stop early, at 4.5 months total. This was the highest dose I had heard of at that time but I was happy about that because I knew a higher dose means a lesser chance of relapse. That was 3 years ago and I'm still remarkably clear. My skin didn't clear up for four months and then I had a breakout when I came off, so I was worried. But hands down, accutane is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I look into the mirror every morning with NO zits whatsoever. A complete life changer. I hope you have the same experience.
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  21. @captainplanet Wow this is way to rushed. The body does not heal like this. We don't blast it with treatments. You need to be waiting 3 months between treatments. Any good aesthetics Dr will tell you after laser/energy devices your body is healing for 6 months to a year. The only treatments you can do sooner are at home DIY treatments. Why do picocare the same day as subcision which causes inflammation and remodeling of collagen and needs time to heal (3 months). No we do not do rf needling in 2 week internals - 3 months apart. You have severe scarring. Whatever Dr came up with this plan is trying to push quick treatments, swelling to hide your scars (and they can make more money off you), and get you out of their hair. How would you know what worked and didn't or how your body responded to treatments. Why is laser being considered first, you do this towards the end. You need 4 sessions of ""aggressive"" subcision all over your cheeks. If you push this stuff you will not get results. I really do mean this is a marathon not a sprint. Many treat over 3 years. There is no one and done, ... that's where they come here and are upset nothing worked for their Drs quick package. You make the timeline 3 months or more between treatments. You need again ""aggressive"" subcision spaced out with the other treatments in between. Dr Lim could make your payments next to nothing with medicare supplement. Please goto him, even if you can do one/two things a year. The nurse knows it sounds nothing about scarring. Standard settings and we stamp laser all over the face- fail. Even if you do subcision and filler locally and do laser work with him it would be better.
  22. I think @arte90 is onto something. Acne is caused by bacteria and inflammation. When the inflammation does not subside the body makes pimples, cysts, bumps, and lumps of white blood cells - aka pus. The acne scar patients are more susceptible to bacterial infection, p-acnes is bacteria. In certain suffer's their scarring has a component of auto-immune disease where the body is continually fighting bacteria, ... lookup lupus/herpes&hpv(viral)/arthritis/staph/fungal acne, allergy reaction, auto-immune (Causing scarring), over usage of anti-biotics and gut issues causing acne / scars, environmental (chemicals and toxins) causing scars - including topical products as you mentioned and their over usage, diet, genetics, over usage of steroid "there is steroid acne and scarring," Aging causes fat and bone loss, acne scar suffers get this quicker with over treatment or their body dissolving fat and making scar tissue so we get HA filler. This is much more complicated than simply p-acnes causing acne and scarring, Benz Peroxide is bleach, Retin-A/Tretinorin is vitamin A, steroids lower immunity while making inflammation subcide. Toxic liver / gut can cause issues as well. Our skin is a reflection of our inner health and vitality, ... when the body is not happy it pimples and scars. On a natural side look for antioxidants that cause inflammation of the body to go down, and boost the immune system. Probiotics are also important and gut health. I do agree with you physicians-specifically western medicine know next to nothing about this subject, as they fix a symptom not the root cause, they consider it a aesthetics issue not a health concern. Eastern medicine looks at inflammation and imblances, but even that can fail.
  23. Let's talk about Fillers

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    There is some misinformation above. All fillers stimulate collagen, ... your injecting into the skin. Bellafill causes a auto-immune response of the body hence because our body does not like any foreign matter it encapsulates it with scar tissue, same with Silicone. HA disolves over time and is naturally found in the skin / body. I wrote in the FAQ a whole section on filler, please read it, ... it's the first post of the scar solutions forum. There are videos on youtube about filler and real self has lots of info as well. Sculptra is a mass filler for a wide area with shallow scarring. It is not used as a volumizer but it stimulates the body to make new collagen. The material is basically to disolvable stitches. I have people do Scuptra because the rf needling also stimulates it after injection throughout the cheeks / temples. It was first used for HIV fat loss, ... but in the general population it's safer to over dilute and inject throughout the area and not in big pools of material (a vial or 2). As said above you fill for individual pits then with HA on your last subcision for "volume." If you have some pits. For deep pits / fat loss HA is the only thing needed. There are thousands of fillers across the globe. So any one brand is marketing at best. Juvederm is the king of marketing and getting Drs sponsored, but it's well received by patients. No one can tell you everything there is to say about filler as you get get a PHD on the subject. IT's the most expensive cross linked sugar in the world ;-) The only advice I have given is never do permanent fillers which lead to permanent problems without first doing HA filler and seeing how you do (a few times). We do not (specifically acne scar usage) use filler for volume like aesthetics, aka duck lips or the tomato face ... we are using it as a spacer to get your body to regenerate collagen by itself and prevent from re-tethering post subcision. Bellafill is FDA approved, I have a problem with Drs pushing it for acne scars, ... if you look at Youtube lots of marketing. Also expensive. If I had a penny for every I hate the filler, it bumped, and I want it reversed. We just had someone who had vascular occlusion and almost death of tissue. Thank God it was a HA filler - reversible. You see acne scar patients have excess veins compared to the general population and anatomy at the site of scars. Bellafill also migrates and can deposit, read the real self about people who had Bellafill in their bodies organs when surgery was done- strange. My message here is be sure what your getting is right before getting the Bellafill injections, it works in the right patient types. Filler does hide scarring and 99% of posters never get enough mls of material. Many get one syringe of .5ml $$$ which is so little how can it fix fat loss or atrophy. Lastly Restalyn is effective for scarring, a HA filler, and used often, it's typically cheapest, and soft in nature, often does not cause bumps like a higher g-prime lift filler. Lasting power is 6 months . Again not using for aesthetics purposes ^ but .... Get what you can afford, many fill once a year.
  24. @jwebs91 I'd be glad to help you, ... can you take better pictures. I need shadows with directional lighting. Scars can be hidden in bright lighting. I try to respond back in 24- hrs due to Dr Lim's endorsement and heavy traffic of those needing help. BA
  25. This is an idea of some of what ive been talking about. I've been looking at yeast colonization which any yeast colonization should be transient, whats not could possibly considered a undiagnosed disease. Some of these pathogens might use coagulation factors as a means. But to switch gears real quick, here's the same principle thought, except with bacteria. Wednesday, October 10, 2018 NIH study finds probiotic Bacillus eliminates Staphylococcus bacteria Additional studies of common supplement planned. "One strategy to prevent Staph infections is to eliminate S. aureus colonization. However, some decolonization strategies are controversial because they require considerable amounts of topical antibiotics and have limited success, partly because they target only the nose and bacteria quickly recolonized from the gut." Skin microbiota: a source of disease or defence? - NCBI - NIH by AL Cogen - ‎2008 - ‎Cited by 531 - ‎Related articles Most scholarly reviews of skin microbiota concentrate on understanding the ..... Staphylococcus aureusalso secretes an arsenal of toxins that damage host cells. .... The cutaneous effects of isotretinoin and other vitamin A derivatives are ... The effects of systemic isotretinoin and antibiotic therapy on the microbial floras in patients with acne vulgaris. Difference in microbial flora throughout the treatment period was detected at least among one of all culture samples of 15 (75%) and 5 (33%) patients in isotretinoin and antibiotic groups. There was statistically significant difference between two groups in means of alteration of the microbial flora (P = 0.013). The difference was definitely observed among nasal cultures (65%) in isotretinoin group and fecal cultures (20%) in the other. Staphylococcus aureus colonization was prominent in the microbial floras of nose and oropharynx I am more so looking at this possibility with yeast, but being aware of this as well.
  26. @Pearl1983 Yes you can do subcision if trying to get pregnant, but it's up to the Dr's discretion. No there are no special instructions with subcision. Cannula or Nokor, .. .depends what the Dr uses by you. If the Dr says peels are out of the question, then TCA Cross is out of the question as it uses acid at their discretion. grandor is right, please get the acne under control or you can spread things and make it worse. Tretinorin is vitamin A, ... should you be using this wile trying to get pregnant, ... please consult the DR, Vitamin A can be harmful to this regard. I would have hydropeels or extraction of of all your pimples / closed comedones. For early scarring e-matrix is useful but in your case as your trying to get pregnant it is up to the Dr's discretion. You may have to wait for the majority of treatment until you have your baby.
  27. Dr. Emil Henningsen good doctor?

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    I would also LOVE to hear more!! I am trying to work up the courage to go see him. I live in Denmark, but I am so afraid of making my skin worse. Therefore anyone’s experience with him would be much appreciated.
  28. @Pearl1983, BA has given good advice, but I just wanted to jump in here and say that you should FIRST get your active acne under control. I see you are still breaking out, and trying to "fix" scars without first addressing the inflammation from current acne is a fool's errand. Please take a look at your diet, and lifestyle - for me personally, cutting down oils, increasing vegetables (cruciferous and leafy greens in particular), maintaining a frequent exercise regimen (sweating), and reducing smoking/alcohol all helped in curbing my acne. You can also look into topicals and prescriptions if you address all the lifestyle changes, and it doesn't completely resolve the acne. Once acne has gone down, subcision and microneedling / peels will help. DO NOT stamp or needle active acne, that will make things worse. Good luck!
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