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Day 14 - Drinking alcohol?!

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I usually don't drink but last night it was a celebration and I did. I'm wondering if the decision I made will catch up with me in a week or so. Does it make me break out more? What happens when you drink alcohol while on Accutane?

My face is not so lovely. It's actually so bad that I shouldn't be going out BUT I don't let my face control me so I try not to care. There are lots and lots of cysts and they hurt. Makeup won't even hide the redness but at the same time I hate wearing makeup... it makes me feel gross.

I don't have any other side effect other than break outs. No dry lips, not much pain (none at all really), no dry eyes (and I wear contacts), no head aches. I'm thinking it might be the low dosage of 10mg though. Hopefully I never get side effects.

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I just read your comment about not wanting to wear make up, I feel the same way! I hate wearing makeup not only because I feel like it'll make my acne worse but because it makes my face feel dirty too! I usually dont wear makeup and I just try my hardest not to think about how my face must look. I'm hoping one day we can have that perfect clear skin we should have!

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