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Day 24...help???

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Pimples are still popping up! I know that its normal, but its just so hard to look great one day and within the next couple days..not so great. The crack in my lip is healing slowly but surely. The crack under my nose is the exact same. My sister told me to try triple antibiotic cream but I couldn't find it in my parents bathroom and I know it's around here somewhere! Ugh. So, when I got burnt at Cedar Point it basically all peeled away. I usually don't peel so I think it was the accutane sort of like, rejecting the sun that I got. I don't know haha. I was about to get in the shower last night and I noticed my back looked dry and it also felt peely..yuck. Then my mom pointed out that my earlobes were dry?? Yeah, probably because I have connected earlobes, so since they are part of my face they dried out maybe? Blackheads are going no where!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When will they leave???

I went to the dermatologist on monday and he said I looked good and kept me on 40 mg a day. He didn't say much at all though. I was disappointed that I didn't get to talk to him much about everything. Anyway he didn't say one word about getting a blood test and it's getting close to being a month! What should I do?????? I don't know about these things. I'm just stunned that he never even said anything. And by the time I thought of it, I had already left the office. HELP! Not to mention my face is ridiculously pale. I was tan and once I got on accutane..BAM it's gone. As my mom and sister get darker, I get whiter. Oh well, maybe I am going for the Cullen look haha. It's a Twilight thing...if you haven't read the books you wouldn't know who the Cullen's were. But while I'm on that subject...every girl should most definitely read the books. Go check it out at your library, read at least to chapter 3 and if you don't like it don't read it, but EVERY person I have told about them LOVE THEM. And the movie comes out in December and the next book comes out this August!! YAY!! Ok..I'm done I promise.

I want to dry out these pimples but I don't know what I should put on them. Maybe lemon juice? Or maybe that would be too harsh. I want to use something semi natural because I don't want to dig out all my old topical creams and gels that failed me!! Ha.

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Same situation - I'm coming up to a month and i haven't been booked or even asked to book a blood test. I think it's because we're both on such a low dose of accutane.

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