Starting this a bit late, but decided to record my progress. Currently ten days into treatment on 40mg of Amnesteem twice a day. 

During the first week I noticed a total change in how my acne behaved, while I still had breakouts (all whiteheads and one cystic on my right cheek) the pimples seemed to cluster together with smaller heads than usual, and they would heal and be gone by the next day. 

Up until the 8th day, I didn't experience any dryness other than slightly dry lips, but, oh boy did it hit like a truck. Woke up with a killer back ache (which may, or may not actually be from the tane seeing as it was gone the next day) and really dry skin and lips despite liberal moisturizing and aquaphore. Skin felt tight and hot, pretty uncomefortablefortable, but I guess its better than being extremely oily like usual.  

Tenth day, skin is even more dry, actually flaking around the corners of my nose and my chin area, lips might as well be a desert. And I'm noticeably redder in the cheeks area. So far feeling pretty confident in the decision to start taking it. Any tips on how to really fight redness and dryness despite good moisturizing? 


I am on day 10 of treatment, I totally know what you mean when you said the dry lips hit like a truck. the first week I also got a cluster of pimples and they were all on my jawline but like you said they were completely healed the next day(for me it took 5 days) but after they were gone so was the pigmentation for the most part. My skin is not dry yet but I am expecting that will come in the next few days. In order to help with the dry skin I ordered Jojoba Oil to incorporate with my moisturizer and I am going to be doing some research for the next week to see what type of face serum would work best to hydrate dry skin while on accutane. I currently use a pricey face serum at night and I think that may be what has helped me to not get dry skin yet. Serums are usually on the pricey side, but damn do they really help your skin! Worth the price to avoid having dry uncomfortable skin.(they also help with hyper pigmentation if you get one with the right vitamins in it). 

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