I'm just crying and crying and crying over how fucking impossible it is to clear my skin. I decided to go vegan and I lasted one day. Because I hate not eating the foods I enjoy and I hate everyone that can eat a ton of shit and still have clear skin. It would be easier for me to eat healthier if it WASN'T for the sake of my skin. I am becoming obsessed with what I eat and then bingeing on crap because I miss eating "normally". I swear, acne is basically sending me down the tunnel of a fucking eating disorder. I can't LIVE like this any longer, I just can't. Cry, cry, cry and cry some fucking more.
I have a meeting with my son's teacher today and all I'll be thinking about is my skin. I hate even leaving the fucking house now. I hate seeing everyone on the school run. I'm just too old for this shit. I am so fucking miserable I can't concentrate on work or anything else. All I want to do is lie in bed until my skin miraculously sorts itself out. Which is never going to happen. I'm going to be a corpse with acne.
My skin has ruined my entire life.

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I just had to make a account to answer you. I know how you feel. We've all been there, the hopelessness is the worst feeling in the world. But you got to hang in there! Maybe instead of going full on vegan all in one day, try to ease into it. Try today to just cut out something simple, for example diary. Slowly stop eating cheese, ice cream and drinking cow milk over a course of a week. By easing into it, it becomes a habit and it's much easier to resist acne-causing foods! But seriously, I feel your pain. It makes me so mad at how much garbage other people eat and have perfect doll like skin, but it's not only food that contributes to skin problems. Try changing up your skin care routine. Everybody's skin is different, some respond better to chemicals while others like me is more in the natural side. You'll just have to do some more experimenting. Find the root of your problem. Is it hormonal? Bacteria? Diet? Stress? and work  your way from there. I'm really sorry that you're going through this right now, it fucking sucks and I'm sorry this long-ass paragraph is all over the place. Hope  this helped  xx 

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