Month 2 - Week 4



It has been 2 months and 3 weeks. Because I was titling them wrong I for some reason thought it had been 3 months, but it hasn't. This sort of puts me a little at ease because I heard people were starting to notice much bigger changes by the 3rd month, whereas I'm still having breakouts. Though, more of what's prominent is the red marks that are staying after the breakouts. I'm able to minimize breakouts with good skin care, but red marks are the real problem. I'm noticing my back is much clearer. My chest is still bad, but I've been using Hibiclens to see if that will prevent bacteria from spreading, becaue that's what seems to going on with my chest. Side effects are pretty usual (dryness, dry lips) but my nose isn't as dry anymore and my muscles aren't aching too much. Almost done my third month now, so I'm hoping to see significant improvement in the coming month or so!

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