Week 8



Week 8 - 20mg split does and dianne-35 birth control pill 

I got so fed up with my dry skin that I got all new products. I got a serum and another intense moisturizer plus a very gentle exfoliator that I have been using when needed (usually every other day). I have noticed a big positive difference in my skin and it's too much of a coincidence with the new products. My skin is now more plump and soft and the tiny bumps went away. I have not noticed any breakout associated with moisturizing and if anything my face looks much better without the tiny bumps. 
My cyst last week was different than the cysts I would get. Within 24hrs it felt like it was going to pop by itself and leak everywhere. There was actually a bit of a head (which never happened with previous cysts) and some junk did come out. There was a bit of deeper down stuff but it is completely flat after a week versus the month it used to take, so that is a positive. Blood results are all good, but my doc wants to keep it at the same dose for now. My hand rash is almost all gone and other side effects are the dry lips and tired eyes. 



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