11 weeks on Isotrtinoin



Hi everyone,

I'm off to the Derm this afternoon for my next prescription. I'm hoping to increase my dose again as the painful cysts on my back are still appearing, and seem to take an age to heal. I confess my boyfriend is popping them, but only when they are ready as they are so painful and it's like they need to be released, does that make sense? I have some coming on my bum too, which is just great :@.

Good points, side effects are still pretty minimal - dry lips, face is a little dry but nothing that my moisturiser can't handle. I am tired, and I find going out for a run so much of an effort. My skin is still smooth and soft and I still can't believe how many years I went thinking that I would never have that. 

I have been invited to a wedding at the end of Feb, and I am wondering if my back will be healed enough to wear something a bit slinky, I have always had to cover up for parties and things, but maybe this time.......... :smileys_n_people_115:

anyhow, fingers crossed for the increased dose - I'll update in a while - 

Love to all xxNovember 17.jpg
A couple of pics for you............20170904_153941-1.jpg

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