No picking DAY 1



Well its been a whole day since this mornings' promise of quitting. While i did not pick, persay, i must admit that i did, as i usually do, "scan" my face in the car driving home from work. I always do this, once i  hit the road on the way home and im alone in the car, i mindlessly start feeling my skin for anything dry or flaky i can easily get off without looking. And i did it today.. does that count or no? I figure no. Now i still have to go into the bathroom and clean up for bed tonight so hopefully nothing goes down. I think picking is truly an addiction. Seriously, why cant i just go into a bathroom and quickly look in the mirror without leaning up close to the mirror and looking at my face pore by pore searching for anything to squeeze out. I literally, on purpose,  look for things i can "get out". Its insane. I dont want to do it but i legit cannot stop. Trying though, tonight will be different. Just wash and go to bed. It should be hard.......yeah right LOL. Here we go.....


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