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Start of Month 3!

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Hey! A little later on this as i was on vacation, but I'm now on to month 3 of my epuris journey. What I'm noticing is a thinning of my skin, immunity system is low, breakouts in spots where i've never broken out and getting better in spots where I always broke out. My face, which never usually was a problem, has become the most problematic, as it's not as easy to cover as well, and my chest has been very problematic as well. I'm not seeing as much improvement as I would have hoped by the end of month 2 but I also hear it starts to get better by month 3 and 4, let's hope that's true. No severe side effects other than my immune system being pretty low. Other than that, I think I've overdone my drinking a bit since halloween, so I'll need to get that in check so I don't do some serious damage to my liver. Regardless I'm still a super happy individual and am being patient with my results! So here's to MONTH 3! 

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