Day 61



Month 3 begins! Went to the derm and she decided since I’m practically clear besides red spots, that she would keep me on 40 mgs. I assume I will be on for 6 months to meet the minimum dose required. I’m really happy with the results, so far any pimples I’ve had recently have been so small, like the size of a pen tip. My back has remained clear besides like one normal size pimple the whole month. I had pretty big blackheads/pores on and around my nose. I can say most of the black heads are gone and I think the pores are even starting to shrink! Oil is nonexistent now(has been for a while) and I only notice dry skin on my chin and lips. The temp dropped into the 30s this week and that’s definitely made my skin drier. I have to mostorize my face a few times a day, usually twice when I get out the shower. The back of my hands and arms have gotten a little rough but nothing the moisturizer can’t handle. I was an idiot and wore a t shirt out side....yeah don’t do that.duh. My joints are still slightly sore. No back pain or anything like that. Energy levels have been about the same as normal. Took my last blood last month since all was well. All I can say is if you’re not clear yet hang in there because the results are worth it 100 percent. Until next time!

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