Two week update - Vitastem ointment

Well, this is the clearest I've been in a long time! Vitastem ointment has been fading my red marks, and I have no new cysts on the treatment areas! (I did get a new cyst in my back, which was not somewhere I was treating with Vitastem - so there is obviously something systemic going on that I still need to address. I'm spot treating that cyst with Vitastem ointment to make it go away faster).  If you've got stubborn acne I'd definitely recommend giving this product a try! This is a prescription grade product available over the counter for under $100 (use code ACNE20 for 20% off if you order on the BiogenX Vitastem website). Also - a little goes a long way, I'm only maybe half way through the 15mL bottle.

I'm going to continue to treat twice a day while I'm still seeing results like red marks fading, but then hoping to reduce that to once a day or less and seeing what happens.



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