Month 1 - Week 4



Hey, Month 2 Week 4! What have I noticed? Hmmm, k so definitely getting breakouts in places I have literally never gotten them before - my cheeks and my chest. I don't really understand that at all because what epuris is supposed to do is purge, then why would it purge breakouts that I would have never gotten in my life? Anyway, that's just frustrating. My chest is breaking out pretty bad and like I have had this one under the skin cyst that WILL NOT go away, and it's starting to hurt. Lips are SUPER dry! Nose is SUPER dry! and skin is SUPER dry!! I'm basically a raisin, or a lizard, whichever skin shedding/ retreating thing you want to call me. My attitude is good about it all, I'm really really hoping the IB just goes the hell away soon enough, but I'm not let it destroy my life, in fact I even met a beautiful girl! So if anyone is reading, don't stay inside and think you shouldn't do anything, just go out there and no that time will tell! My routine is a little more skewed now because of all the randomness and whatnot but I'm using petroleum jelly for my lips, nose and i think i may use it during the night time and then a regular moisturizer during the day, like Cetaphil. To keep some cysts at bay i'll use a roll-on tea tree oil, it seems to do a not too shabby of job. Anyway, here's to completing my 2nd month of epuris!!

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