Day 10

I feel extra gross about my skin today. The ones on my forehead got inflamed, but the same thing happened to the ones on my chin, so hopefully that just means they're healing. I also got some whiteheads around my lip lines, which I'm honestly not surprised about because I was wearing lipstick basically everyday to try and distract people from the fact that I wasn't wearing any foundation. 

I really miss cheese today. That sounds like such a silly thing to say but I LOVE cheese. Grilled cheese is my comfort food. I miss pizza and lasagna and goat cheese with crackers and ravioli and sharp cheddar and cheesecake and cannolis. I'm praying that once my face clears up, I'll be able to introduce cheese again. But who knows if that'll actually be a reality. UGGGGGGGGG

The good thing when I first started this regimen I was super oily, but I don't have to blot anymore! Also my pores have definitely shrunk. I still have hope!! This is just way more difficult than I thought it was gonna be. 

On another note, it's the weekend!!!!! I've caved and eaten crap basically every other weekend before, I'm declaring this weekend will be gluten/dairy/sugar free! (Hopefully!)



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