Day 40



Day 40-
So far I am happy with my treatment. I have a couple tiny pimples on my chin and one that I picked at which is almost healed. Week three the blackheads started coming to the surface. Now most of it is out I think! My skin feels very smooth. I felt like shit week 2-3 not because the medication, just cause my face was worse. But it was worth it 110%. I really hope it only gets better from here.

I met with my derm at one month and she said I was good to go but she kept my dose at 40mg. I weigh around 165. I know it’s low but I’m fine with it because side effects are minimal and worse case I take it a bit longer. Not a fan of the whole I pledge thing where I’m a dude but I understand. Tips for anyone drink a lot of water, get good sleep, eat healthy, exercise,and let the accutane work it’s magic! I can’t believe I waited this long to get on this medication. I already feel more like my old self now that my skin is clear!  


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