6 and half weeks in - isotretinoin - over 40's



Hi guys, I am now 6 and half weeks into my journey. So far, my face is still clear and so much smoother. My rosacea is definitely so much better. I have breakouts on my body, mainly large cysts/boils, but the overall texture of my skin is a lot smoother than it was. there are still some under skin white bumps that need to come out, mainly on my chin

My face is not that dry anymore, I use Boots Time Delay moisturiser with spf 30 every morning and that seems to be all I need. Nothing at night. My lips are dry, but still not bad, and my eyes are usually feeling sore tired and picky, but I guess I can live with that.

I'm still on 40mgs a day, but I hope to up it when I see the derm next  (on 24th) as my side effects are ok. I would love the boils to go do one!!  

anyway that's all for now. If there are any changes I'll let you know!

Take care xx

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I'd say it was around week 8 when I really started to notice the difference in my cysts / boils. I was on 40mg for the first four weeks then 70mg for the rest. Keep us posted!

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