BLOG THIRTEEN, Friday 20th October

Hey Girls,

My skin is feeling refreshed and amazing lately!!! Though last week I was having a few issues with it. Because I went to the “Hot Springs” on the weekend (which was absolutely beautiful), I really wanted my skin to feel and look clear! So throughout the week before hand, I drenched my skin every night with ‘Epiduo’ and ‘Clindatech’! As dry and red as my skin was by Thursday, I managed to get it to a soft and normal blemished tone. I felt more confident than ever. 

Now, Friday morning, a week later, I’ve got yet ANOTHER BLIND PIMPLE!!! I can’t deal with them!!! They are literally the worst things to appear on someone’s face! It hurts, it’s bumpy and large and all I want to do it squeeze it! But I can’t, because I know it’ll make it worse. Here is an image of it:
It’s visable straight away!! And it sucks! The rest of my face is fine, but of course an annoying blind pimple had to ruin it!!!


Anyway, it’ll be fine! It’ll be gone in a week -.- grrrr. 

As for skipping my period for the first time, it went awesomingly!! I didn’t get any spot bleeding nor did I break out. It is completely safe and I’m so happy!!!

Anyway, I hope all your regimes are going well! Sending positive vibes to all xxx


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