October 18, 2017 - Week 18



I was dumb... This past week, I have had a couple breakouts, 2 being on the upper part of my left cheek which I did extract seeing that the whitehead was at the surface. However, as you will see in the pictures, I have 2 circle marks on both sides of my lips... I had a large cyst growing on the left side of my lip and decided to pop it too early :(. On my right side, I felt a small under the skin bump and because I had an urge to pick, I decided to go at it even though there was nothing visible.... For anyone on accutane or going on , IT IS NOT EASY NOT TO PICK! I have come a long way to try and keep my hands off my face but sometimes you just can't help yourself. Although I beat myself up over it, I have had way worse so I just try to leave it alone and let it heal. 

Flat Skin... Red Marks... My skin still relatively flat however I still have a lot of the red marks and surface scarring. I am seeing my dermatologist today and will share is comments in regards to how he thinks i'm progressing and what next steps entails. 

DERMATOLOGIST UPDATE... After my visit with the dermatologist, he has informed me that he is happy with my progress and that I have reached the top of the mountain and now on the downward slope for my skin the recover. I have gotten past the initial breakout and purge so with my skin being flat, he hopes that my breakouts will stop completely. He did say that I have another 2-3 months of being on accutane but depending on how the next month goes, that may be reevaluated. 


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