23 months in



Hi everyone.  I know i haven't been posting updates as frequently but that is due to my keeping up with my other blog on the realself website.  I've been documenting my spiro journey there with pictures and updates every few weeks.  Since my last post, my skin has been in an in between place.  Not clear and not completely and utterly broken out.  I am getting some under the skin large bumps on my right chin and also eczema or rosacea irritation on the sides of my chin and mouth.  My inner cheeks and above my lip has also been getting this irritation.  My med usage has been the same.  My frustration comes from having these breakouts EVEN with meds and not knowing my TRIGGERS.  I've tried diet, i've tried organic stuff, i've tried herbs and lotions and potions and recommendation and frankly......i'm exhausted.  I've even tried leaving my skin alone.

Having had a taste of clear skin and then having to revert back to this is maddening.  Anyway, just wanted to keep it real and share because i know many of you are going through the same struggles.  

Here's to better days ahead.....     


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