Differin week9



Hey everyone!!

This is my update for week 9 of using differin. So my basic process is since week 8 is benzac 5% for 20 minutes and wash off before using facial wash. Then, apply differin and after it with benzac 2.5% overnight. In the morning, I apply benzac 5% for 20 minutes just the same in the evening before washing my face and apply cm lotion and sunscreen. Overall, acne seems to become less severe. What is on my face is being accerelated and push out faster than before. I think benzac has done it jobs really well. However, I still have 1 cyst on left cheek and another painful one on my right cheek. The one that is on my forehead is still there but less pain. I would give this week 7 out of 10 because acne is still coming up. It is like a nightmare to me. I would pray for a better tomorrow and I wish that I can wake up without worrying that there will be another acne coming up or not. Scars are everywhere o my both cheeks. I want them to fade away so I can bring back my confidence.

Thank you for reading. Will update week 10 next week.


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