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Day 40

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It is officially day 40 and my skin is fucking terrible. Im so fed up its actually unbelievable. I feel and look disgusting. I know that shit skin should not define me. Everyone has insecurities but when it has been 40 days since starting a treatment and it doesn't seem to be making an ounce of difference then yes it is frustrating. I have put my life literally on hold. I have been getting anxiety when going to work. Bad anxiety attacks. I have been just generally looking at the floor when people are talking to me because i think i look awful. I don't want to put on any more bloody makeup. Its making my skin worse. I don't think it is diet related or maybe it is because I ate wheat yesterday. Who knows anymore. But yes this is an update on 40 days. 

Forehead - a really big cluster and smaller spots with scarring on most of forehead. 
Left Cheek - spots are now beginning to appear again - very frustrating 
Right Cheek - one big one and the others are under the skin
Chin - a mess of big painful ones
Hairline - they are coming out again. 
Nose - big pores 

Predictions for next couple of days:

Forehead will dry up a bit
Left CHeek will erupt
Right Cheek will be clear 
Chin will hopefully dry up but more spots will appear in place 
Hairline will get worse 
Random other spots will appear in between my eyebrows 


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