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Week 7 - Day 44

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AM - the new spot is not going down :redface:. It seems like whenever one spot goes down another comes up to replace it. I wish they would go away and not come back!

PM - Nothing has changed except I decided to pick at my skin and I have loads of red spots and injured spots. So yeah I'll probably have a lot of red marks but if they go down I don't really mind. I am just afraid some might come back as inflamed spots. :) I notice that whenever I pick my skin even if it is lightly my skin will stay red for a long time. Sigh.. :dance:

Breakfast - Milo with supplements.

Lunch - Fishballs with glass noodles, Milk coffee

Dinner - White rice, Meatballs, chicken, cabbage with glass noodles

Others - ACV with water, orange

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