Day 30



I'm now into week five of my treatment with Differin. I just returned from a four-day camping trip and was unable to wash my face with PanOxyl or use moisturizer the entire time. I was still able to rinse my skin with water and apply Differin Gel every night though. I was very anxious about how my acne would react to this and was prepared for a big breakout, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice my face looked once I got home. My red marks have faded tremendously over the past week and I am experiencing much less drying. My skin will still flake off if I rub a T-shirt against it, but the dryness is not visible. I would also contribute a lot of improvement tot the fact that I didn't pick or pop any new pimples on the trip, a bad habit of mine. I also didn't wear a hat as much so that could have helped the bumps on my forehead. Weeks six to eight are still ahead of me so I'm hoping I'll be completely clear in about a month!


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