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I was a member of this site years ago, but couldn't figure out how to use my old username. I guess there is nothing wrong with a fresh start, but nothing has changed since the last time I logged on to this site. My face still acts up and the scarring just keeps getting worse. I've come to a point in my life where I have given up all hope. I'm not really attractive to begin with and have no money to spend on treatments so my only 'rational' option is to stay hidden from the society I live in. With the help of my parents I have become a recluse. I'm basically a basement dweller without the basement. I'm 32 years old and have pretty much "thrown in the towel". I just couldn't stand people's taunts anymore. I tried everything I could think of to try and handle the ridicule or at least be able to tolerate it, but it was too much for me. Especially when you watch everyone around you having a good time and being able to flaunt their smooth attractive skin. Maybe if I had an ounce of attractiveness things would be a little different for me, but who knows. So the only option for me is solitude. I guess I'm really doing everyone a favor by not being in their presence. Because honestly I only seemed to bring the worst out in people by just my appearance alone. I've already become accustomed to just hanging out in my room all day I mean it can get a little boring sometimes trying to keep my mind distracted on something, but it's better than living in complete torment. I still cringe every time I look in the mirror and I don't know why I still stress myself out everyday about my skin. It's not like I go anywhere to feel uncomfortable. I guess I just have some kind of hope that eventually I will wake up one day and see clear skin, but I know that's never going to happen. I think I at least want my skin to feel good, but it always feels irritated and itches all the time. Nothing seems to keep my skin in control. Eventually I'm going to have to face the public again and when that happens I think I'm going to have some major panic attack episodes or something, but for now I'll just try to breathe and enjoy whatever moment I can.

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Hi Rick, i'm 32 too! You are not alone. Dont' ever think you are less important or worthy than others because of acne. Acne is a condition we must deal with but it doesn't define who we are. You have the right to live and love life as the person you deem 'attractive' so don't let acne take that away from you. What treatments have you tried so far.

Hope is never lost if you keep hoping. PM me if you ever need to talk

A fellow acne sufferer

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Thanks a lot leelowe and you're right it's just that I have a really hard time grasping on to that concept. I guess my mind has already been made up that it's not even worth trying anymore. But it was the combination of the two (acne/scars and simply being unattractive). As far as treatments go I haven't really had anything done. In my teenage years I was on accutane for a while and retin-a, but ever since then it's just been over the counter meds now I just use soap, water and moisturizer.

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I know exactly how you feel,acne is a very dependent condition ,but know that its kind of a condition that has to be managed,I know its not curable ,just treatable,how do I know im 52 ,and from Accutane,proactiv,retin a ,antibiotics,and every home remedy ,about 2 years ago ,I started using over the counter ,the thing is I'm a female ,so I don't know if it will work for you .

Try things that exfoliate ,

I use Neutrogena clear pore cleanser/mask to wash face

Neutrogena deep clean cream cleanser after the clear pore for extra exfoliation,leave it on for 3,or 4 minutes,then rinse

Neutrogena rapid clear fight and fade toner,use good cotton rounds the swisspers hypoallergenic cotton rounds regular,not exfoliating work good

The treatment 2.5treatment from

And moisturize with clean and clear dual action moisturizer ,oil free

This moisturizer really helps the treatment to work on your face .

My son used differin for about 5 years along with antibiotics,now he only uses the cerave foaming cleanser and acnomel,,I Couldnt use what he used ,so everybody is different ,My skin still gets itchy and flaky ,but minus the pimples ,so skin is never perfect .I had 3cysts removed from my face and lots of scars that have been diminished by using this ,Last time I went to the dermatologist, he put me on retin a ,that messed me up worst than ever ,even when I was younger ,so ,I Kind of did some research . I learned that we have to exfoliate and treat too.some people do good with aha exfoliators ,others with bha ,I learned that I have always used aha when I do better with bha ,and to use benzoyl peroxide alone doesnt work . I also use sulfate free shampoo.

Please don't give up.

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