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Seeing A Medical Herbalist Tomorrow!

I've been searching and searching for one around my area (and I live in one of the bigger cities in the U.K) and I finally found a guy who seems to be exactly what I am looking for. He has a legit website which claims he has worked with people with stubborn problems such as acne and p.c.o.s before and he seemed sound when I was e-mailing him. So fingers crossed. I am paying for this obv. but I am serious about this and my private medical consultations for roaccutane the second time around were three times as expensive. I'm getting back on track but I just want direction and advice from someone experienced.

I've now been on Vitex for around 7 weeks and I have added liquid extract in rather than just the capsule form. So I am gradually cutting down on the amount of capsules I take per day and introducing liquid extract in...I have also been on myo-inositol powder for one month. Other supplements I take are : Evening Primrose oil, zinc 20mg, Vitamin A 8000IU, and omega 3 fish oil.

What I have noticed so far:

No new cystic breakouts!!! (Fingers Crossed!!!!!!!!!!!)

Breakouts less severe

Breakouts come to a 'head' (gross I know but those are the gory details) within a old cystic spots would take around a month to start to heal. no joke.

So good progress. Good but slow. Rome wasn't built in a day! Getting back on track to how I was when vitex was kicking in before the massive cock up.

That's it for now.

I'll keep updated on how tomorrow goes.

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Hey, wondering how your trip went to the herbalist and how things are going?

I'm taking dim and not seeing a ton of success, although it's a bit early yet to tell. Been reading about inositol for a couple months and just ordered some.

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