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Day 126 On Clavaris 40 Mg Once Daily

Hey guys,

I haven't updated in almost two months but I figured I would today since tomorrow will be the start of my last month on accutane !

I am beyond happy with my results and my overall experience over the past 4 months on accutane. Accutane has been so good to me. No initial break put and clearing started very early on. The only thing I can really complain about is having chapped lips all the time but hey, better than acne ! As you know if you've read my blog, I started accutane when my acne was very controlled. This was probably why I didn't have an initial break out. Anyways I'm 100% clear right now only with a little bit of scarring. My derm said I could probably stop accutane now, but I decided I wanted to just finish my 5 month course. Some of the oil on my face has returned but not nearly as oily as I used to be.

Accutane has made my life better in every way. I am no longer self conscience all the time, checking my face in mirrors, looking at the ground and avoiding people. I even recently went camping - something I would have never done before accutane. I love being able to wear no make up and just get up and go. Not to mention I can go almost 4 days without washing my hair which is really nice. I feel confident and beautiful! Attached is a photo of me from last Thursday 6/26/14. Thanks for reading !!!!!

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