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Before And After Accutane!



So as I previously mentioned I came off accutane a few days ago after 5 months!

I just wanted to show everyone before and after pics, things aren't perfect (to me anyways) but u can see the big improvement.

I have little bumps on my forehead which I'm getting treatment for in a couple of months from the derm.

My nose and mouth are really dry at the minute so excuse the red marks! :)

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It's looking really good! :)

What do you plan on doing against those foreheads bumps? I have them too :s

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ThankYou! I'm so glad I decided to take it!

And for the bumps, they have a special name but I can't remember and in around 2 months I'm going back to the derm and they do a small procedure which burns them off. He says it will all be healed in 48-72 hours, I think that's the only way round them unfortunately :(

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