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Beach Organic Natural Shampoo With No Sulfate



Lustrous Hair without Using Chemical Based Shampoos

Most hair products in the market today contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which causes eczema and itchy scalp, eyes and skin. The Parabens in these products are suspected of causing cancer. These ingredients also contribute to hormonal changes in women. Further, some products contain petroleum-based polymers, silicones and synthetic chemicals that completely remove the natural oil in our hair, leaving it dry and brittle. As a safe alternative, Beach Organics natural shampoo with no sulfates is the ideal answer when you want that perfect lustrous hair but you also want to stay healthy. This product repairs damaged hair naturally and also eliminates scalp irritation. For those who suffer from specific skin conditions, ingredients such as organic aloe soothe the inflamed cells of the scalp. The best part about using our natural shampoo is that you’ll not only be taking care of your hair, but also protecting your eyes, face, and body skin from harmful chemicals.

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